Monday, June 9, 2014


Anyone have any idea how to develop patience because I seem to have lost every bit of patience I have. I am so glad I will be going on vacation soon because I feel I am about to explode. (You would think I have been working full-time to need a vacation!!) Everything these days irritates me. And for those of you who STILL think I am wonderful, you should re-consider. Don't get me wrong, everything is going well. I am really blessed and I have everything I could ever ask for. So, I am really not complaining about my situation. I don't need anything..I really don't know the reason for this lack of patience! Even failing to relax is not the reason because yesterday I went to the dead sea with my sisters and we spent the whole day relaxing.

Is there like a patience Gene? because my whole family seems to lack patience. I consider myself on top of the scale when I compare myself to like my mom or sister. My mom can only wait 5 seconds (I am serious) then she gets so upset! For those of you doctors, I'll donate myself to medical family could be the key to discovering a medicine that gives patience =)

I think the job offer with World Vision is almost sure now although I still have not heard from them regarding the salary. The guy said I should be starting today, but did not call me to confirm. So, naturally I am not at work today. Which is kind of good because I have a million things I am trying to get done in the next couple of weeks before I leave.

My hip pain has been much better (not totally improved). It hurts still when I sit, but nothing as bad as it used to. I am still not sure if the pain will increase or if it will go away completely, but hopefully I won't have lots of pain during my trip.

So, as you see all is well...I think I am just overloaded and have a lot on my mind. I may try today to sort through things and get a bit organized so I can feel better about things.

I will be leaving Palestine on the 26th of June. I will go to Egypt with my sister then from there to the US. My schedule has not changed, same as in the previous blog post. I was debating whether or not to post my email on my blog, and I guess it would be OK.
If you need a contact number while I am in the US you can use my magic jack number which I won't post here. But, if you want it, please email me and I will send that to you. Notice that I won't know that you called me on my magic jack unless you leave a message and you will have to let it ring like 10 times before you can leave a message.

My brother Maher just left back to the US. My mother's health is a bit more stable and her doctor even thinks that she does not take any insulin for her diabetes. He said it is not that bad...So, she is just watching what she eats and taking care of herself.

My brother's new pet is a type of bird (Quail I think?). A new addition to his spiders, snakes, lizards...etc. Below is a picture of it, kind of small, but darn noisy. He won't stop squealing (as I am going to call it). Actually, the bird may have something to do with my irritable nerves lately, don't you think? How would you like something squealing 24 hours a day next to your window? My brother now takes the bird into the basement at night, but it is a long process to catch him and lock him up each night then set him loose again. (The bird is left of the green thing)

We had a visit from Elder Price to our little church branch on Saturday. It was nice to see him again. We have been working on reverence with the kids and have been trying hard to get them to be quiet during the church meeting. It didn't quite work, but we had a good meeting altogether. I consider it an accomplishment when one of our most challenging kids sits quietly during the sacrament and folds arms during prayers. We are getting somewhere!

I am still unsure as to where I will stay during my trip. I only need places to stay for the Provo days. I will be contacting some of you to let you know (for those that have kindly offered their home). Sorry it is taking me a while to figure things out. 

Calendar for US trip in July
Saturday, July 5
Arrive 1:36 pm SLC Flight AF 8990
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day: shopping and sleeping—Long flight!!

Sunday, July 6
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
Morning: Attending church in Draper.
Evening: Fireside in SLC
Topic: Obedience
Address of Fireside: TBA
Time of Fireside: TBA

Monday, July 7
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
11:00 am Recording GP lessons 3 & 7 in Riverton.
7:00 pm Fireside at Carpenters’ home.
Topic: Palestine situation and conversion story.

Tuesday, July 8
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 11 & 15 in Riverton.

Wednesday, July 9
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 19 & 23 in Riverton.

Thursday, July 10
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 26 & 27 & 31 in Riverton.

Friday, July 11
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 35 & 38 & 39 in Riverton.

Saturday, July 12
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 43 & 47 in Riverton.

Sunday, July 13
Staying at: Pleasant Grove with Howard family.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Attending a ward in SLC.
11:00 am speaking to YM/YW of that ward
Address of ward:

6:00 pm Fireside in Pleasant Grove
Topic: Obedience
Address of Fireside: 1320 West 3540 North

Monday, July 14
Staying in: Provo

Tuesday, July 15
Staying in: Provo

Wednesday, July 16
Leaving to California.

Thursday, July 17
Leaving to California overnight in CA San Francisco Area.

Schedule that day:
7:00 pm Stake Fireside in California.
Topic:  Charity
Address of Fireside: Los Altos Stake Center, 1300 Grant Road, Los Altos, CA 94040
Time of Fireside: 7:00 pm

Friday, July 18
Return from California.
Staying in Provo.

Saturday, July 19
Staying in Provo.

Sunday, July 20
Staying in Provo.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am speaking at Holladay 2nd Ward
Topic: Dealing with opposition using faith.

Address of Ward: 4568 South Holladay Boulevard, SLC 84117

Monday, July 21
Staying in Provo.

Tuesday, July 22
Staying in Murray

Wednesday, July 23
Staying in Murray

Thursday, July 24
Leaving to Houston at 9:20 am
flight Delta 4635

July 25-26
In Houston/Lake Jackson area with family.

Sunday, July 27
Departure to Amman at 4 pm
Flight AF 639
Monday, July 28  Travel to Palestine through bridge.


  1. Sahar, I have just finished reading every post since January. Oh my goodness, you forgot to tell me I had to go to new post to continue on. I love reading the adventures of your life. It fascinates me! We are thrilled you will be in Utah . Karim and the Akiki family will be here also. We are waiting for you! Karyn

  2. You are welcome to stay at our home (Springville is next to Provo) any time before July 18th. Can we have you here?? Would love for my kids to meet you!!

    Love, Lisa