Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arrived in the US

I am really tired, so don't expect a long post! 
I just wanted to let you all know that I arrived safely in Utah. I had a good flight except for the pain. My trip to Egypt was really nice, but it was too tiring. My pain (back/thigh) got worse and sitting for 20 hours on a flight just killed me. I love taking Air France because they stop in Paris airport. That airport has beds that I could lie on and rest. It was really good for me, but still got to Utah completely exhausted. My feet were twice their normal size too! I could not sleep last night mostly from the pain.
I have a friend here who is a doctor. I am going to see him and see if he could figure out what is wrong. I saw 3 doctors in Palestine and they could not fix the problem. 

I rented a nice car and drove to the hotel. I was glad I was able to find it, and even found stores to go shopping. The hotel is really nice and the location is good. If you need to reach me, the hotel phone number is: (801)523-4174. I have a magic jack number but people have had a hard time with it. That number is (801)822-0664, but I prefer you use the hotel number.

I went to church and had dinner with some friends in Draper today. They did show-and-tell with me today in their ward and even had me speak to the primary children in the ward.  I will have a fireside at their house tomorrow. It won't be a major formal thing, it will be just in their backyard. You are welcome to come if you want. I put the info for that on my 'Updated schedule' link on the right on my blog. (I also copied and pasted it below) Please also note the change in time for the Pleasant Grove fireside in case you had planned to come to that.

The situation back home has been getting worse. My branch president has been forbidden from coming to Bethlehem and so church has been cancelled there yesterday. A Palestinian young boy was kidnapped and tortured to death by some Israeli settlers. Others have been beaten and arrested by the Israeli soldiers. So people in Jerusalem and other areas have been demonstrating. Who knows if things will calm down or not. Israel is threatening a more severe reaction to revenge the death of the 3 Israeli settlers. No one knows who killed them yet, but Israel assumed it was Hamas. As I mentioned on my post, Palestinians are guilty until proven innocent. Don't know if they will find something to prove Hamas did not kill those men...we'll see.

I have been in Egypt too long with flat brown desert is so nice to see some green trees and mountains around here. It is also strange to see people stop to let you cross the street. I was in shock yesterday and couldn't figure out why the driver was stopping! In Palestine they honk at you and stop only if you are in the middle of the road. In Egypt they don't honk or stop, they just run you over if you don't move out of the way in time.

My schedule here is pretty full because when I don't have something listed, then I am probably preparing for my next fireside or lesson. I hope some of you don't get offended if we can't work out a time to get together. I am hoping for another trip to Utah in the near future (before next summer). I'll keep you posted.

Now that it is 5 am Palestine time, I guess I need to go finish preparing for my lessons and fireside tomorrow and then try to sleep.  

Calendar for US trip --Updated July 7

I arrived in Utah and am really tired still, but I am alive!
Staying at Springhill Suites hotel. Phone number here is
(801)523-4174 in case you need to reach me.

Monday, July 7
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
11:00 am Recording GP lessons 3 & 7 in Riverton.

7:00 pm Fireside at Carpenters’ home. 
Address:14047 Osborne Lane in Draper
Topic: Personal Peace.

Tuesday, July 8
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 11 & 15 in Riverton.

4:30 pm business meeting

Wednesday, July 9
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
10:00 am Recording GP lessons 19 & 23 in Riverton.
Afternoon: meeting

Thursday, July 10
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 26 & 27 & 31 in Riverton.

Friday, July 11
Staying in Draper.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 35 & 38 & 39 in Riverton.

Saturday, July 12
Staying in Draper.
Schedule that day:
9:00 am Recording GP lessons 43 & 47 in Riverton.
4:00 ME reunion

Sunday, July 13
Staying at: Pleasant Grove with Howard family.

Schedule that day:
9:00 am Attending a ward in SLC.
11:00 am speaking to YM/YW of that ward
Address of ward: 2615 Stringham Avenue, SLC

5:00 pm Fireside in Pleasant Grove (note the change in time)
Topic: Obedience
Address of Fireside: 1320 West 3540 North

Monday, July 14
Staying in: Provo with Petersons

1:00 pm meeting with Deseret book

Tuesday, July 15
Staying in: Provo with Petersons

6:00 pm Having a get-together at the Petersons
If you would like to attend please let me know by email before July 10th.

Wednesday, July 16
Staying in: Provo with Petersons

Thursday, July 17
Leaving to California overnight in CA San Francisco Area.

Schedule that day:
7:00 pm Stake Fireside in California.
Topic:  Charity
Address of FiresideLos Altos Stake Center, 1300 Grant Road, Los Altos, CA 94040

Friday, July 18
Return from California.
Staying in Farmington.

Saturday, July 19
Staying in Farmington.

Sunday, July 20
Staying in Provo

Schedule that day:
9:00 am speaking at Holladay 2nd Ward
Topic: Dealing with opposition using faith.

Address of Ward: 4568 South Holladay Boulevard, SLC 84117

Monday, July 21
Staying in Provo.

Tuesday, July 22
Staying in Murray

Wednesday, July 23
Staying in Murray

Thursday, July 24
Leaving to Houston at 9:20 am
flight Delta 4635

July 25-26
In Houston/Lake Jackson area with family.

Sunday, July 27
Departure to Amman at 4 pm
Flight AF 639
Monday, July 28  Travel to Palestine through bridge.

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