Saturday, July 26, 2014

Heading home

It was sad to leave Utah. It was especially hard to leave good friends there...I really almost cancelled my flight and stayed. 

I arrived in Texas and have been spending some time with my family in Houston. My Aunt has been taking good care of us. Aunt Areej prepared a great dinner for everyone when we arrived on Thursday. 

We then drove to Aunt Hayah's house and spent the night there. Yesterday she cooked Warak Dawali for us and we had a fun day of just catching up and talking and playing games. 

Today we went to Galveston and had a wonderful buffet lunch then rode the ferry back and forth. It was fun to see the seagulls and the dolphins. The weather was amazingly not as hot as I thought it would be. 

We went to a magic show at night with Jihad. I was really tired, but it was a good show. the guy was very funny as well as a good magician. He cut himself in half, disappeared and did all the other usual magic tricks. 

I ended up with too much stuff to take back home. I hope I don't have extra weight. I think I may die trying to carry those bags at the bridge. I may just have to give extra tips and have people carry them for me. I don't need extra back problems.

By the way, regarding my back/thigh...I saw two doctors in Utah. Dr. Peterson was so nice and helped me and even arranged for me to see a friend of his to get a second opinion. The final decision was that there is really no solution to my problem. This is basically caused by sitting for long hours. He gave me some medicine that he said I may have to take for the rest of my life if this does not go away. And he told me I can take pain killers whenever I am in a lot of pain and he said "don't sit!"... Anyway, the medicine really helps, although it does not make it completely better. I have been doing some stretches and I will get a soft pillow when I get home and make sure I sit on it and not sit on hard chairs. 

I have been wanting to write posts about what is going on at home. I just ran out of time...I am heading home tomorrow. I will leave around noon on Sunday and get home Tuesday night (if I am lucky). I wish the trip was shorter and I wish I could fly into Tel-Aviv (well, maybe I don't wish that with things as they are).

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