Sunday, July 13, 2014

I want my country back

This post has some graphic images (not recommended for those under 18)

Unfortunately I have been so busy to respond to all the incorrect media out there about what is really going on in Palestine. Everything you hear is mostly incorrect. Please don't think if you hear it on the news, then it is right. If you don't have facts, like from study and observation, then you are misinformed! 
I'll give you a few examples from things I have seen in my life...

(1) While Isaac was hanging a Palestinian flag on top of my university he was shot in the head...
The story in the Israeli (and other media) was: The soldier felt his life was in danger so he shot towards Isaac's legs to stop him.
(2) When 17-year old Idmon was walking down the street in my town an Israeli soldier threw a rock on Idmon's head killing him instantly.
The story in the Israeli (and other media) was: Idmon walked by an old building which collapsed on him.

These are things I have seen and witnessed. So, don't tell me that you are believing all the media out there.

I'll give you some facts below. Please google it (don't listen to news) to verify it.
**Israel is under attack: Hamas is shooting rockets towards Israel. Lets address that topic for a minute...And find out who's attacking who...
This cartoon tells it all... along with some facts. 

How many Palestinians (including women and children) have died since this thing started? Well, I am hearing reports of like 165 deaths and over 700 injuries. How many Israelis were killed by Hamas missiles? Ummm...most reports say none, I saw one report that say 5, but I have no seen anything that had more than 5. This really shows the difference between a military power (Israel) who gets aid from the US in the amount of 8+ million dollars EACH day as compared to Hamas who makes rockets from scratch in Gaza, a besieged area with no real supplies.

**Why would Hamas shoot missiles if they know the response will be like this? Why can't they just sit and do nothing?
Why can't all the Palestinians just stop, they lost their land, so what? so, their family home was taken with no compensation and they are not allowed back, so what? So they were arrested and tortured, and they can't travel in their own country, so what? So, your son was killed in front of you, you have another son, just let it go. So, you missed your appointment and lost your job because you stood for 3 hours at a checkpoint, well get a new job.
Your home was demolished? That's ok, just build a new one. Oh your whole family was inside and died, well, get married again and have a new family. Stop throwing rockets at Israel and just sit and watch what will happen to you next. Come on, don't you want peace!
Really? Is that what Israel expects the Palestinians to do? Just sit and let things go? If these things happened to you, would you let it go?

**Israel claims that Palestinians use human shields and that is why so many civilians in Gaza are getting killed. 
Really? How can you use human shields when the attack is happening from Israeli F16 airlines from the air? How does Hamas/Palestinians know where the rocket will land? So, you are telling me that Palestinians know where the rocket will land and they go place children and women in that house fast before the rocket hits? 
See an image of some Israeli rockets landing in the middle of the most densely populated area in the world, Gaza...

Does it look like these people below were used as human shields?
And who would even allow their child to be a human shield? Maybe the father who we saw on camera begging his dead boy to wake up saying: "I bought you a toy son, please wake up, please." (the picture is too graphic to show here as the boy's brain was blown off)?
Just google Gaza deaths 2014 and look at other images if you want...
Then after looking at them tell me who you think the terrorist is!

It has been a long day and I am tired, so I will stop here...But, really I want to invite you all to go online and hear both sides of the story. don't watch the news and hear one side only then judge. There are two sides to every story...I am not asking you to take sides. I am asking you to simply stand for human rights...that is all...

Palestinians are now allowed to live on 8% of their land. And this 8% is surrounded in many places by a 20-foot wall. We can't travel from one city to the other without passing through an Israeli checkpoint. We can't even take our trash out of our cities (so it piles on the street) when Israel closes those checkpoints-- like they did a few weeks ago. We live in a big open air prison...would you do nothing if you lived like we did?
I am not justifying rocket attacks, but I am justifying resistance. We have to resist, we have to stand up for our rights. There is no force in the world that would say we can't do that...
Our country ceased to exist in 1967 and it is now called Israel. 

I want my country back. I want to be able to go to the sea of Galilee, to the Mediterranean and to Jerusalem (where I was born). Why can't I go to these places? I am a Christian, Why can't I visit Nazareth where my savior grew up? Or Jerusalem where He died, Or the sea of Galilee where he walked and taught. Is it fair for Israel to prevent me from doing that?

Can I do something about it? Well, I can speak and hope someone out there listens and lets the world know...



  2. Dear Sister Qumsiyeh, thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences for others like me to learn from. I wish I had some words of great wisdom or comfort to offer, but I feel that anything I could say would be inadequate. I just wanted to write to you because I truly feel that you are my sister, and I am sorry for the suffering of your people. I take great comfort to know that one day all people on this earth will understand their true relationship with one another: we are family. As in any family, our happiness is connected; where one suffers, we all suffer, when all have joy, only then is our own joy truly complete. May you be blessed with the "peace which passes all understanding" (Philippians 4:7).

  3. The seven plagues of Revelation have been poured as the spirit of satan is thrown to the Earth , the evil humanity as a whole has embraced in various ways. Not long now until this evil humanity , all of it will be judged. Sleep soundly little children , tranquility will be for those receiving it in a beautiful garden , not of this world. Belinda Leoni