Saturday, July 19, 2014

News from America

I finished recording the Gospel Principles lessons. It was not as bad as I thought, but it was a lot of work. I finished almost all my talks and firesides except for one. I have one more tomorrow then I am done. I wish I could let everyone know what is going on in Palestine. As I share my experiences people come to understand, but not enough. 

We had a get-together last week and many came to see me. The Petersons were so nice to plan the whole thing and provide the treats.  I posted some pictures on facebook, but here is a great picture with me and the Gublers. Amazing family:

I have been invited by my friends to speak at a stake in California. It has been a remarkable trip. Actually, I have been so busy in Utah that it was nice to be away and actually felt I was on vacation for a change. 
The friends that arranged for my trip and paid for the whole thing were these amazing women that I took on a tour of Bethlehem one day. I did not do much for them, but they have done so much for me this trip (tickets, hotel and food. In addition to a nice tour of the area). From left to right: Natalie, Melody, me and April.

The talk I gave was about charity and I was told not to share any politics, but I shared my personal experiences. The questions got a little political at the end as well. But, I think overall it went very well. We had more people show up than we thought. 

We took a short tour of San Francisco area. The weather was amazingly good. Last time I went to San Francisco it was super cold and rainy.

A little Gopher who was sticking his head out at the beach:

Just a pretty house in San Francisco:

Last week I visited Sharon.  Yasmeen and Julie, who were visiting, cooked us a nice Arabic meal. they are good cooks even at this age! Sharon took us to the bountiful Temple and we watched the sunset. It was simply amazing...So nice to be by the temple.

In Bountiful, I also got to visit with Elder and Sister Porter who are getting ready to go to Russia. It was nice to see them again. 

Today Elder Price and his family invited me to go with them river rafting/tubing. It was actually the most fun thing I have ever done. I was a bit scared to sit in a tube by myself and go down the river, but it was not bad at all other than the freezing water...Just going down the river listening to the sound of the water and being surrounded by the pretty Utah mountains and trees was so nice and relaxing. I really needed this...

I have been staying with the Petersons before I left to California (he's a doctor) and they have been helping me resolve my hip problem. I am getting a bit desperate as it has not improved at all despite the medicine and shots they gave me. I may give up and have an orthopedic doctor look at it, which means it will cost a lot of money. I just want this to go away. I am so tired of being in pain. 

I have not had much time, but I have been trying to find employment here in the US. The situation at home is not good and I am seriously thinking of doing all it takes to find a job and move here. My problem is with my visa. I need to get an employment visa and whoever hires me has to be willing to sponsor me and help me get the visa.  I can't work at a university because most universities require publications, which I don't have. My options right now are data analysis jobs, and Arabic teaching jobs, or maybe something to do with programming if I can use my half masters degree in computer science. If any of you hear of a job opening or have any connections, please email me
I would be happy to forward you my resume. I don't know if I can figure out how to post it here, but I will try.  Thanks...

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  1. Good luck, Sahar! I hope you are able to find a job here.