Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank You..more to come

I want to thank those of you who have been so kind to me while here. It has been a crazy busy week. I have recorded 10 Gospel Principles lessons and gave one fireside. I am a little stressed about the talks next week, but I am sure things will go well.

I have been trying to follow the news back home and would like to post something about it this weekend or early next week. The news has been very disturbing. (well, both the news about what is going on and the incorrect news reported here in the US). I liked this quote by Mark Twain (adjusted): "If you don't listen to the news you are uninformed, but if you listen to the news you are misinformed."

I think there are two major facts the world out there is ignoring:
1. There was no evidence showing Hamas killed those 3 Israelis. In fact they denied it. And from past experience (when they kidnapped the Israeli soldier a while ago), when Hamas kidnaps someone they let the world know. And they ask for prisoners in return even. There was no autopsy report done on these 3 Israelis. For all we know they could have died from an accident or something. Is Hamas guilty until proven innocent? How can you even assume murder without an autopsy report? (was there one and I missed it?)

2. Do you know how many Israelis were killed from the Hamas missile attack towards Israel?? (NONE...yes no one) The last report I read said only ONE person was hurt seriously with 20 or so minor injuries. Now, on the other hand, how many were killed in Gaza? 230 Palestinians! one third of which were children...There are no acts that justify random bombing of densely populated areas killing civilians. Do you think doing that is going to make the missile attacks stop?? Seriously!!?

Also, lets consider who we call a terrorist here...
An Israeli bombing a Palestinian densely populated city from the air killing tens of civilians who have been under siege for years and who have no medical supplies to even treat the injuries caused by the bombing...
A Palestinian using the only defense method he knows (basic rockets) hurting very few civilians...

If you say they are both terrorists, maybe you are right...but then the US media better start calling Israeli soldiers terrorists! 

Let us all pray for the Holy land and all the people of the Holy Land. 

Yesterday I had dinner with my Israeli friend Daphna. She is amazing! Our friendship still gives me hope that Palestinians and Israelis can live together and can love each other...One day...

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