Monday, July 28, 2014

What you may not know about Hamas

This is in response to the comment on my blog about Hamas.
Before I start I would like to mention that I don’t belong to Hamas, neither do I support terrorism in any form.

The latest turmoil in Gaza has been defined by the media mainly as a fight between Hamas and Israel. This is really not the case. Innocent civilians are suffering and it must end.  Hamas could choose to stop firing rockets, this of course would cause Israel to stop bombing Gaza. But to me that is not what I mean by wanting this to end. Living a life of oppression and persecution is not the solution for Palestinians. Peace is not just having no one shooting at you.   

Let us make sure people understand what Hamas is. The reason for the Hamas rockets is the injustice, poverty, occupation and imprisonment of the entire Gaza population. Why didn't this kind of stuff exist in 1980? Because Palestinians were free to travel anywhere and they had 'some' human rights.  Palestinians have been resisting the occupation, first as peaceful demonstrations which brought nothing but more problems, then by throwing rocks, then by armed resistance like Hamas. To solve any problem you need to remove the cause.

Let me explain to you some facts about Hamas.

Some believe that Hamas is a terrorist organization which is mainly militants bombing civilians. This is incorrect. Of course this is what Israel wants you to believe, but the truth is different.

First, I have even heard some valid arguments that Hamas was created by Israel (to divide the Palestinians--as part of a divide and conquer strategy). I don't know how true this is, but here is one video to support that:

And this article:

(note that those who make this claim are not Palestinian—so it is really not something we are using to defend or justify ourselves)

Actually, it does not really matter who created Hamas, or why it was created, but what matters is the fact that now, Hamas, like Fateh, is a Palestinian political party. Just like there are democrats and republicans in the US, in Palestine there are various political parties: Hamas, Fateh, popular front, and others. Just like there are two major parties in the US, Hamas and Fateh are the two major parties in Palestine. They are pretty close in the number of supporters. The Hamas party supporters are greater than the supporters of Fateh in certain areas, like Gaza for example. If we look at the history, we will see that Hamas actually won the Palestinian elections last time. So, the majority of the Palestinian population seems to support the Hamas party. Hamas was not allowed to gain power however and all foreign aid to Palestinians stopped until Fateh regained power.

So, just remember when someone mentions Hamas on the news, then they are referring to half of the Palestinian population living in Palestine (like 3 million people). The majority of those (like over 90%) are not militants, nor are they terrorists. They are civilians: Palestinian men, women and children that live a hard life in Palestine under Israeli occupation.

Hamas (minority in the Hamas party):

Also Hamas (Palestinians that may belong to the Hamas party--Majority in Hamas):

Left homeless, parents may have been killed...Those that suffer most are the children of Gaza.

Just like any other political party, Hamas has it’s political views. I have many friends that belong to the Hamas party. Yes, I agree, there are some in Hamas who want to destroy the State of Israel. But, honestly, if you come and live as a Palestinian here, you would want to do that too. Read my blog post about living in Palestine/Israel then decide:

Being an LDS woman in Palestine 

And don't you think Israel is doing the opposite by bombing Gaza? You think those children who have watched their parents get blown to pieces by Israeli soldiers won't grow up wanting to destroy Israel? 

Attributing terrorism to a whole political party just because a few of that party do terrorist acts is not right. This is called capital punishment and it is not acceptable.
So, blaming the entire population of Gaza (About half of the Palestinian population) for those terrorist acts done by Hamas is like blaming everyone who is a democrat in the US for the Oklahoma bombing just because the person who did it was a democrat. And Israelis bombing Gaza to target ‘Hamas targets’ is like US forces charging the whole state of Oklahoma bombing civilian residential areas to try and kill the person in charge of the bombing.  Then justifying their attack by saying: “We are defending ourselves.”

Is it a surprise that such extremists exist in Palestine? If you knew how Palestinians in Gaza lived, you would not be surprised that they use any means to fight back their oppressors.  Those in Gaza have been under siege for years. Palestinians living in Gaza are not allowed to go in and out of Gaza, they have very few supplies that come in, many of them have been arrested or shot by the Israeli soldiers, they have very few fresh water sources, and almost all of them have had their family home taken from them by the Israelis in the year 1948 or 1967.

As I listened to the news the other day, one of the relatives of an airplane victim spoke. When the reporter asked him how he felt and what he would say to the person who caused his daughter's death, the father said: "If I saw him in front of me, I would kill him!" Do you think that father who lost his daughter is a terrorist for having these thoughts? Of course you would agree that he is angry and if he happens to kill, he would be justified (maybe even can claim ‘insanity’ during court). Right?

Why then do we automatically judge a Palestinian who kills before knowing that his son was killed in front of him, his house has been taken or demolished and he has been tortured by the Israeli soldiers? Why do the Palestinians get called terrorists all the time?

I listened to an Israeli mother on TV the other day. She said she was not able to forgive the Palestinian who killed her son (who served in the Israeli military) until she heard the story of the Palestinian. This Palestinian ‘terrorist’ (as others may call him) saw his uncle killed in front of him by an Israeli soldier, and his other two uncles were also killed by Israeli soldiers.  Should we call this 17-year old Palestinian a ‘terrorist’ or a ‘victim’?  I don’t support terrorism or murder of any sort, but sometimes to eliminate killing you need to know the reasons behind it. Causing more pain, killing more Palestinians, and imposing more restrictions on Palestinians will not stop the rockets being fired into Israel. If anything, it will increase them.

In response to the comment about whether or not Hamas can be demolished, the answer is no; that is not physically possible. That is what the Nazis tried to do: eliminate the entire Jewish population. That is neither just nor possible.  Maybe if Israel was to throw a nuclear bomb on Gaza and on the entire west bank, then they may eliminate most of those supporting Hamas. I mean they are trying to eliminate 2 million people from Gaza by bombing them, but really, is that practical?

Some think that Hamas is the only thing preventing peace in the West Bank and Gaza. They think that Hamas started this fight and they can end it.  That is such a misconception as I mentioned. Because the fight was never about rockets, or about the 3 Israelis that were killed. 

Did the rockets start this? Again, no. Because the rockets started AFTER the Israeli soldiers bombarded various Palestinian cities killing people from Hamas and arresting over 500 of them.  I think this is what started the rocket attacks from Hamas and then Israel used the rockets as an excuse to go into Gaza and kill hundreds of Palestinian civilians.  

Unlike what Israel tends to publish in the media, the Hamas party cares about Palestinian lives (after all, they are Palestinian). There is a lie that the media mentions often about Hamas using human shields (and that is why many civilians in Gaza are killed). Really? As mentioned, Hamas is a political party. If you attack republicans, republican civilians will be killed. Duh!! Bombing NY city then saying that the reason women and children die is because republicans are using them as human shields is too silly to even mention. I can’t believe that normal, educated men keep saying that on the news!! And people believe it!! A comment by an Israeli on CNN the other day: “What do we do when Hamas uses the entire Gaza population as human shields?” Seriously? 1.5 million people are used as human shields?!! Come on, this is the world news. Even mentioning that on the news makes you look like an idiot.

And let us humor the thought just for the fun of it. How can Hamas use human shields when the bombs are coming down on Gaza from Israeli war planes from the air? How in the world does Hamas know where the rockets will land and do they have time to gather women and children and put them there? And which father would allow his wife and children to be used as human shields.  Again it is like bombing downtown NY city using F16 war planes and saying that the reason civilians die is that they are being used as human shields.
What about bombing UN schools? The UN repeatedly said no weapons were found in their schools. But, let's say there were weapons. Does that justify bombing a school used as a shelter killing women and children? come on!

Can Palestinians and Israelis live in peace? Yes. But, this has nothing to do with Hamas. It has to do with basic human rights. If Israel gives Palestinians their rights as humans then there may be a chance for peace.  This was never a war between Hamas and Israel, it is a war between Palestinians and Israel. Palestinians are however unarmed in most cases while Israel has a huge army funded by the US mainly with the most advanced weapons, tanks, war planes and missiles being used on a civilian population which has as its best weapons rockets that have so far killed very few.

For more info about Palestinian human rights (which don’t exist in the State of Israel) read my blog post:

I am amazed when Israel blames Palestinians for disrupting peace and for lack of peace. Do they expect us to live in an open air prison surrounded by concrete walls, allow them to kill us, confiscate our land, arrest our relatives, torture us, humiliate us while we sit and do nothing? How can an oppressor ask for peace from their oppressed people?


  1. An interesting piece Eileen at

  2. I understand your reasoning that not all democrats should be accountable for the actions of a few people who call themselves democrats. But doesn't the Hamas mission statement, or charter, call for the destruction of Israel? If that is true, then the analogy of Hamas just being a normal political party comparable to one in the US is a false analogy. Don't citizens (non-violent though they may be) have some responsibility if they vote for and support a political entity that clearly states their intention to carry out violence and killing of Jews as part of their mission?

  3. There are so many things wrong with this article, I don't even know where to start. However, I will just limit my thoughts to this quote: "Attributing terrorism to a whole political party just because a few of that party do terrorist acts, is like calling all Americans terrorists just because a few Americans are serial killers." and again on this one "So, blaming the entire Hamas party (About half of the Palestinian population) for those terrorist acts is like blaming everyone who is a democrat in the US for the Oklahoma bombing just because the person who did it was a democrat." I hate to drag the Nazi's in to this argument, however, I think it makes a good point. The Nazis' like Hamas, were a political party. Millions of Germans Supported the Nazi Party...Guess what... that same political party " that can't hurt anyone because they have good people in the party" Killed over 6 million people, oddly enough good people supporting political parties still murder people. The Nazi's blamed the Jews for their problems, a lot like Hamas is. So before you rant about how a political party doesn't kill people because their are good people that belong to it, just remember, not every Nazi fighting in the war hated Jews.

    1. If that is the entire reason Hamas exists is to kill people, why are there only 67 Israeli deaths with only 3 being civilian, whereas there are almost 2000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza caused by Israeli soldiers with the majority being civilian (450 children and 250 women). You are not basing this on any facts. Hamas is nothing like the Nazis. If anyone is acting like that it is the state of Israel by enclosing 2 million people in Gaza in a large concentration camp with no clean water and no electricity and bombing them from the air (I don't care what you say is the reason for Israel's acts--NOTHING justifies doing this to any people)

  4. What a bullshit anonymos!! Theres a lot wrong in your comment! A lot of people fought in the war but only a few had to do with actual killing of jews. And then of course there were many executions of germans who denied to do so... or how many people were killed by the US army in wars for whatever hilarious reasons as like massdestruct weapons that havent been existing? Are the two big US parties, democrats and republicans, now terrorist and all the Americans because of supporting and fighting for them in every war and every "military intervention"??

    1. ??? I'm having a difficult time following your comment; I suspect English is not your first language, and that is lamentable since it may inhibit conversation.

      Anonymous (Aug 5) has offered an apt analogy (especially if you know Hamas's true origins through the Nazi, al-Husseini). Hamas, like the Nazis, is a political party committed to the wholesale mass-murder of another people (it's right there in their irrevocable covenant). Like Germany in WWII, where many Germans were good people--despite their country being taken over by the Nazis, there are many wonderful Palestinians (like Sahar) who are not committed mass-murderers. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a sanitized war, and these good people--who do not deserve to suffer--will.

  5. She is obviously Israel hater and sad to see that she tries to defend hamas. Israel has every right to defend them selves! The whole situation in nutshell:

    1. Yes,because attacking and murdering civilians is "self-defense." When you start bombing civilian populations and murdering children you aren't "defending" yourself; you're committing acts of terrorism and mass murder.

  6. I'm with you Sahar. My Palestinian friend has said all those same points to me. Our American media is so crazily skewed, it's so hard for Americans to believe because we don't see ANY of it or hear about it unless you know someone from Palestine personally.

  7. I am sorry, Sahar, but there is just too much wrong with this post. Hamas is evil. They are founded on an evil covenant calling for the wholesale mass-murder of every Jew. And, like their intellectual predecessor, al-Husseini (who harassed and murdered the Jews during the 1920s, propagandized for the Nazis throughout the Middle East during the 1930s and early 40s, and then fomented a civil war with the Jewish Palestinians in 1947--and appears to be the true originator of the modern conflict), they see the mass-murder of Jews as a religious duty. And they have used the international aid--which was supposed to go to building schools, hospitals, housing--to further their aims, constructing a maven of tunnels opening into Israeli residential zones for a terrorist raid scheduled for Rosh Hashana, buying munitions to fire indiscriminately at Israeli civilian population centers, and constructing reinforced bunkers for the leadership--where civilians are not allowed to take refuge (compare with the Israelis who build bomb shelters for all their people).

    Discard Hamas! Hamas is not the answer to the (very real) sufferings of the Palestinian people, Sahar. YOU ARE! You said it so well in your "info" section: Only the Gospel of Christ can bring peace, both internal and external, to that war torn region. And I think you are doing an admirable job. Just please don't allow yourself to get swallowed up in these cycles of hatred.

    1. Anonymous: When I was on my (LDS) mission, there were a handful of `evangelical' ministers preaching blood libel against Mormons. They taught their people to regard the Mormons, or at least the Mormon leadership, more or less as sex-crazed baby-sacrificing Satan worshippers. Their congregants even appeared to believe that they could listen to a sermon from the minister and watch a movie, and then know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than a faithful lifelong Latter-day Saint.

      You spout your talking points against Hamas the same way those folks did against Mormonism, and with the same fundamental ignorance. To learn about any highly committed group, like Hamas, one should first get to know its members and really hear them out. If you, like me, don't have that opportunity, you should at least prefer second-hand accounts by those who, like Sis. Qumsiyeh, have a real acquaintance with some of its ordinary membership, and no obvious ax to grind against them.

      “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
      ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

      By the standard you apply to Hamas, the 'give me liberty or give me death' revolutionary Americans, with their use of snipers and guerrilla tactics, both contrary to that day's understanding of lawful combat, were terrorists themselves. Certainly a substantial number of the early Zionists were also terrorists---Irgun and Menahem Begin? The Stern Gang and Yitzhak Shamir? They're just the tip of the iceberg:

      Frankly, what red-blooded colonial American would have put up with the mass expropriation of land, and then subsequently roughly ten deaths to one death that the Palestinian people have put up with from Israel?

      The fact---and it is a fact---that the Palestinians have so much less Israeli blood on their hands than the Israelis have Palestinian blood on their hands, despite 47 years of brutal occupation, theft, and murder, should have led you to an obvious conclusion that you failing to draw.