Monday, August 25, 2014

Love Bucket

I have been noticing so many bad things happening in the world around us. How sad it is that human life seems to matter less and less to people. People seem more concerned about themselves more than anything else. I think they are missing the point, because true happiness comes from loving and serving others. It comes from losing your life in the service of God.

I started something on Facebook and hope that it would really make a difference. The Ice Bucket ALS challenge has been successful and raised a good sum of money for ALS research.  My idea is a Bucket of love and light...I am not trying to make money here. I am just trying to give hope and love to others... When it seems like everyone has given up on everyone else.... When Christian children in Iraq line up to get food (the only food they get) and then go spend the rest of their day outside homeless in the blazing sun...When families and children continue to get killed in Syria (almost 180 people every day!!!)...When thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are homeless and have no access to drinking water or electricity...

There seems to be so much darkness all around us. Darkness is just the absence of light, so if each of us can spread light and love, we can fill the world. I challenge you to share positive things with those around you whether it be on Facebook, or in person.  Try to make what you share uplifting so it can strengthen others and give them hope. I challenge you to serve someone every day.  Do it as often as you can. I am going to attempt to do it daily if I can. For example, what you do could be as simple as showing gratitude for one of your blessings. Just make sure you do something.
Here is what I shared today:
"One day, years ago Israeli helicopters were bombing areas in my town. The electricity went out and the phones were dead. We were worried about our relatives in town and had no way of knowing if they were OK.  While my parents were on the roof watching what was going on, I went down, knelt by my bed and prayed to Heavenly Father. In the thick darkness with the sound of bombs and gunshots ringing in my ear, I felt the most amazing peace.

My thought today is that the Savior IS the “Prince of Peace” like Isaiah called Him. Through Him and having faith in Him we can find peace even during times of war.  Heavenly Father is also real! He is there and He loves you. He is willing to help you and is only a prayer away. If you are having a hard time standing and facing your difficulties, kneel!"

The Savior tells us that He is the rock. That if we build our lives centered on Him we cannot fall. No matter what storms come our way, no matter how strong the wind, we will remain standing.

Some may think that they can't possibly make a difference. If you think that, then remember the starfish story. As the girl was throwing starfish that have landed on the shore...the task seemed endless as there were thousands of them. She could not possibly save them all...But, she was not discouraged and said as she held a starfish in her hand and threw it in the sea, "I can make a difference to this one." 

The below story is very inspiring of an Australian woman who made a difference in the lives of two Iraqi boys. Take a minute to watch this video, it is great...

The young man in the video shows us that anything is possible. Don't give up on yourselves and don't give up on others...there is hope and light out there...


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  2. What an amazing example to share this idea of love and then have so many opportunities to give to others. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also viewed the video link. Wow. Inspiring. I am sharing it on FB— it should circle the globe!