Monday, September 29, 2014

The greater good

Sometimes I think my whole life has been planned already and all elements and events seem to be working to get me to the path that will lead me to the greatest amount of happiness and joy. Sadly, this is hard to see when I am busy climbing hills and walking on rocky paths towards that final destination of happiness. I know that all things are possible with God, but I can't help but get discouraged at times. I am working on finding hope and strength though.

The Single's branch in Manhattan wanted to organize a fireside for me so I can speak. It was such a short notice as I was in NY a very short time. To get more people, we turned it to a stake fireside. We had maybe 50-60 was a short notice and it was a weekday. It turned out to be good and I met a lot of people. 
After the talk I was interviewed by someone who was doing a story about some ads in the NYC subway. Apparently, 10 ads are going to be placed in the subway against Islam. I didn't know that! It is sad really because people are seeing horrible acts being committed and blaming Islam for them. While there are millions and millions of good Muslims, how can we generalize what one small group is doing? Sad! Muslims are good, I have many friends who are Muslims and they are all amazing. I hope we all try to get the facts before judging and criticizing others. I admire this person for trying to get some counter voices against these ads.

As for the test I came here to take, in case you all were wondering, I failed. So, at least for now I won't be living in NYC. I am still looking for jobs, so if you hear of any jobs for statisticians, let me know.  Again, I am thinking failing this test is another thing that may end up to be a blessing although it is hard to see right now. The test was not hard, just really strange.  As my friend said about me: "You Sahar are so smart and could pass any test, even a test given by NASA, so the only reason you failed this test is that it was not meant to be." (wish I had half that confidence in myself)

I left New York on Saturday and came to Ohio to visit my brother Maher. Friday night, the airline emailed me and said my flight to Ohio was cancelled. Then later they said they re-booked me for Sunday (with a 24 hour lay over in Chicago). Apparently flights in Chicago have been delayed due to a fire and some other events. After convincing the lady that I HAD to be there on Saturday, she got me a nice 2 hour flight straight from NYC to Dayton, Ohio. With only 5 of us on the flight, it was simply perfect. So glad the original flight was cancelled!  (We have a saying in Arabic: do not hate something for it may turn out to be for your good).

I went to Church yesterday in Beavercreek and took my brother Maher with me (he's never been to an LDS church service). He was shocked that there were that may Mormons in his small town! I bore my testimony and of course many came up to talk to me afterwards including a woman who said her husband was a Palestinian member of the church.  The missionaries knocked at my brother's house a few months ago and one of the missionaries was actually a Palestinian man from Ramallah. I don't think things happen by chance. My brother is not interested in the church, but I still think it was cool. I wish he got the name of the missionary!! 

On Saturday, we walked around the mall and the park.  I met my nephew's fiance, Amanda who seems to be really nice. We had a nice lunch (all you can eat) and were so full we could hardly move. The fortune cookie at the Chinese restaurant was perfect for me: 

At the outdoor mall, we found a bunch of $5 off coupons for one of the stores and spent some time trying to buy things that were close to $5. I ended up with the best deal and bought something for exactly $5 so I paid nothing (it was free). 
On Sunday after church, we went to my niece's daughter's birthday. We were running from the bees all through the party, but it was fun. Then went to my niece's house and she gave me a tour of her big house and beautiful yard. We then had a BBQ last night at my brother's house... 

I've been blessed with good weather here and in NY. Things are going well...
I arrive in Utah on Saturday...I don't know how long I will be there, I have not had time to think about it yet. But, I know that I need to go to Utah for a while..We will see what will happen next.

I may be looking to buy a cheap car there, if any of you know of one, let me know.  I will get a phone when I get to Utah. Right now I still have my magic jack which sort of works inside where I have wireless. (the Utah number)

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  1. That missionary I'm sure came away with a firm sense of why he was called to go where he was. I love that they met!

    Praying hard for you to find that right job.