Sunday, October 5, 2014

News and pictures

It is getting late, and I am not going to review this before I post it...Hopefully it is ok...
It was nice to visit my brother in Ohio. I met my nephew's fiance for the first time. They took us for a walk in the woods to the place where he proposed to her.  Here are pictures from that nice walk:

Amanda and Peter are so cute holding hands:

The Bridge...

This calf kept licking Amanda's shoe, it was so cute:

A small snake we found as we walked...can you see it? I was late taking the picture, it had started to run away. Here's some advice, if you want to take a picture of a snake, you take the picture first, THEN you poke the snake with a stick..

With my brother Maher, my nephew Peter and his fiance Amanda:

It was so beautiful there and such a nice walk...Apparently my nephew is very talented on how to surprise people. His fiance really had no clue about what he was planning.  Amanda cooked a nice meal for us that day. It was so good. We then played pass the pigs with her parents. It was a fun game...I don't know why we don't play games like that in Palestine. I am so sick of the card games we play in Beit Sahour. Not a good picture, but at least they are all there:

My brother and his wife won these tickets to go to dinner with 99.9 radio and I tagged along. They gave us a free meal and did a draw for prizes. Rida won tickets to a rock concert, Maher won a free movie and I won this T-Shirt...(it's all about how you fold your paper I have discovered)

Here is a picture of me in my nephew's convertible...After riding in it, I really would never own one...Well unless one day I have no hair (too much wind)...

The last day I was in Ohio I went with my nephew and niece to an amusement park. The rides were really fun. The weather was rainy all day, but when we got there it was nice and warm. However, it started pouring at around 10:30. We had one more ride to do and it was fun, but too cold. Here is another word of advice, when it is 35 degrees (almost 0 C) and rainy, you should NOT ride a roller coaster...It was a really fun day despite the bad ending with the rain. They had Halloween stuff and even though the people in customs did not manage to scare us it was cute. I'm sure they would not appreciate me calling them cute...We tried to get them away from my niece's son who was freaked out, we even decided to scream and act scared so they would leave him alone and try to scare us...did not work!

Here is a fuzzy picture of one of the rides. My favorite one, well, the roller coaster would have been my favorite if I didn't freeze...

I arrived in Utah yesterday. I stayed with Jabra and Stacie. Today I went to general conference and sat in the translation section with the Arabic team. It was fun although I didn't get to really listen and focus on conference. There was a lot going on. It is hard as they got the talks late and didn't have time to translate them and Jabra even had to do a couple of talks simultaneously. I got to do the closing prayer in the morning session. They tell me that prayers are the hardest because you do it simultaneously. I was nervous so I messed it up, then forgot to turn off the mic so you can totally hear us laughing about it. Oh was a fun experience.  Here are some pictures:

P.S. I am here in Utah looking for a job (not necessarily in Utah, but anywhere in the US). I sent my resume to some of you. If any of you don't have it and would like to, email me. It would be nice if some of you can set up some meetings with some people for me if you have connections. Thanks a lot to those who have already helped in so many ways.

Also, just to mention that I am trying to do a lot while here in addition to finding work (get a phone, drivers license and all that stuff). So, if I don't call you, it is nothing personal...I am just busy. I'll get to it eventually! =) 

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  1. Glad you came to visit. We had fun with you and enjoyed doing random stuff. Amanda also said she was very happy to meet you. Come back soon! :) -Peter