Monday, October 20, 2014

No Job yet

I am asked a lot if I have a job yet or not. The answer is no, and I don't really expect to have one anytime soon, so stop asking me. I think I am more likely to find someone to marry at this point =) I am exploring that option too. My mom would surely be thrilled if that were to happen.

I have finally settled in and things are going well. I have been to see some old friends which has been great. 

Today Jabra and I gave a presentation about Palestine. It went well, but  I wish more people could have come. I learned a lot from the questions people asked and  will definitely improve my presentation in the future. 

I have started seriously working on my book after meeting with my friend Camille. I think I finally have a vision about what it will look like and I can now write. I am not a writer, but luckily Camille will help me in that regard. I have been spending some time each day doing that. Hopefully sometime next summer it will be published. We will see.

As for the job hunt, I am still just doing my best to meet with people I know, or who have been referred to me by others. I am meeting with a lawyer as well to discuss possible options. I am amazed at how wonderful people have been and how helpful. If I consider those I know and those they know then I really know a lot of people.

I started going to the singles' ward here in Provo. Hey at least I am trying...It is actually a good ward and I learned a lot at church on Sunday. Some of my favorite quotes used were that we should make decisions each day with the end in mind. Where do we want to end up, in Heaven with Heavenly Father or somewhere else?
If so, we should move forward without fear. Just like the children of Israel when they walked into the red sea, we also have to dismiss our fear and go in with both feet. Are we prepared to leave our comfort zone to reach a better place?  I have been thinking about that a lot recently. I sometimes wonder "What am I doing here alone?" But, I know that I am seeking a better place and a better life and I would never obtain that if I stay in Palestine.

I actually came to realize that it does not matter where we are, what matters is our relationship with our Savior. If we can draw closer to Him then nothing else matters. I am trying to do that here by going to the temple and enjoying the beautiful earth He has created for us. The weather has been perfect! I am so grateful for that. It is seriously amazing every day.  Actually our speaker yesterday said that time is important, but truth is more important than time. What we learn and what we teach others is much more important than time.

On Saturday we had an Mission reunion. It was kind of strange to see people I knew in England right here, but it was fun. The Powers had us over and we had a great time. I am sad that many people did not come, but I am sure I will get to see the others sometime in the near future. This is in the Powers' back yard:

thank you Walter Whipple for playing the cello for me. It made my day...

By the way, I am here for a while, so if any of you want to organize a fireside or talk for me I'd be more than happy to do that. 


  1. Best wishes with the book--and I definitely think you're a writer. My prayers continue that you end up where it is best for you and where you can do your best. Wherever you end up the people there will be very fortunate to have you.

  2. A side note: for me it was 17 months between when my manuscript was accepted and when it was released for publication.