Monday, October 27, 2014

STILL no job

I had a good week. I met with several people regarding jobs. I went to the LDS employment office as well. They have a lot of good services. I will take a workshop this week to help with interview skills and resumes and other things.

I also went to BYU as well and spoke with some of the professors...I had mixed feelings as I walked down the walkways and visited the buildings I once spent so much time in. I got so lost! So much has changed on campus...some roads don't even exist. But, it is certainly amazing and pretty now...I lived through much of the construction that was going on almost all the time.  It is great to see it finished (well, for now).  It was awkward because I thought I would feel I was coming back home to the campus I once knew and loved. It looked so different though that I felt more like a stranger. But, I still had familiar places where I remembered our laughs, the times I spent with my friends, the statistics labs I spent so much time in, the bookstore...etc.
Everyone was running to catch a class or do something and I was this outsider just watching. It was kind of a sad feeling...But, it was like it was saying this chapter is finished, move on.
It is funny because I am even considering the option of getting a post-doc now. I think my rusty brain may need to be stretched and tortured for a, I am looking into some possibilities of doing that (if I don't find a job soon that is). I don't see myself in a university setting, but I think my brain has been idle for too long. It's gotta start working.

We have the most amazing sunsets and sunrises here. Yesterday's sunset was breathtaking. I need to enjoy such small things in life that we often overlook. I am so blessed. Blessed to be here in a free country (even for a little while).

For church, I started attending the singles ward and my records are even here already. One of the counselors in the bishopric has been very helpful already and is helping me with my job hunt. I must say there aren't that many guys in our ward, but there are some. The people in the ward are great though. The talks every week are simply amazing. Today the talks were about love mostly. To love everyone equally and not love people more than we love God.

This morning I also went to a conference where Elder Ballard spoke. This is another blessing of living in Utah. we are able to hear apostles speak, frequently! The talks were good there as well.
One of the speakers spoke about how our intentions make us who we are...They said we need to list our intentions. For me the ones he mentioned are great,
I intend to know the word of God
I intend to list to God's voice
I intend to return to my father in Heaven

Elder Ballard said we should interview ourselves and see how we are doing. Are we where we should be? are we trying to become who we can become? What are our goals and are we working on achieving them? He challenged us to live in a way so that we can become the kind of person Heavenly Father wants us to become.

The Carpenters invited us over again last night for dinner. It was fun to see people from my mission again. We had a great time and laughed a lot.
My friend gave me apples from her garden. It is so nice to taste normal fruit. Nothing here tastes as it should. I have been mostly eating out because nothing I make tastes like it should. And it often costs more to cook than to eat out. I'll eventually get sick of restaurant food and start cooking.
One of my old friends, Alan, invited us over for a middle eastern dinner. Many people came. We had Mujadara, chicken, hummus and salads. It was fun. And thank you Rebekah for the entertainment. She sang for us so beautifully.

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  1. How you feel on the BYU campus is how I feel in Jerusalem! It has changed so much over the years...Good luck with the job search and/or the study plans. The Lord will lead you along. Would you be able to come up this Sunday for dinner? Love to have you! You could come with my BYU son... Chris Armstrong 937-217-0724