Monday, November 10, 2014

Being a Disciple of Christ

It has been a good week. I applied to a few positions and made many connections for jobs. For some reason I feel less discouraged and more optimistic about finding a position sometime soon. I applied to some positions at universities and am starting to think that this is what I really want to do. Teaching is not easy and very demanding, but if I have a teaching job I can take the summer off and go visit my family in Palestine. I have been missing them so much especially my nieces' and nephew's kids.

I have been able to meet with some church leaders last week. They all took time from their busy schedule to meet with me. Elder Holland gave me one of his books. I will cherish that forever. Elder Kacher took a few hours from his schedule to talk to me and take me around. And Elder Rasband was so kind and I felt his love and concern for me. The members of the church in Palestine are blessed to get to know these men.  I belong to a great church with amazing leaders.  I am hoping that they may have some connections for jobs, but if they don't, it is enough to know I am loved and that they are praying for me.

A friend of mine managed to organize another fireside for me next week in Orem. This one may be a bit more political than the one on the 23rd. So, if you are interested more about what is going on in Palestine, I would recommend you go to the fireside on the 16th. I will post something about it on my Facebook page.

I got to teach Relief Society on Sunday. Don't ask me how this happened when I have only been in the ward 3 weeks. The lesson was on Personal Responsibility. I taught that salvation is a personal thing. The reason the 5 wise virgins could not share their oil is that it was not possible to share our good works and what we have accomplished over the years to qualify us to meet the Savior. We each are responsible for our own salvation and we need to work hard to obtain that.

I related our job (to make money) to our real job of why we are here on earth. Each job has a list of tasks and a boss. So, if we think about it, we can have this list for our earthly task:

Job Title: Disciple of Jesus Christ.
Report to: Heavenly Father/The Savior
Tasks: Obey commandments, love others, serve others, read the scriptures, pray, go to the temple, have joy, ...etc.

How much of our time on earth is spent to do what we are here to do? Below is a quote from the lesson:

 “He who sent his Only Begotten Son into the world, to accomplish the mission that he did, also sent every soul within the sound of my voice, and indeed every man and woman in the world, to accomplish a mission…to save the world, the dead as well as the living.”

This is my favorite picture. If we each put ourselves in the place of the Savior, we will realize that we need to be strong and need to stand on a solid foundation before we can lift and help others. We need to work on ourselves and strengthen our own faith before we can help others.

I hope we can all remember who our Master is! He is the one who provided manna and water for the children of Israel in the desert, He is the one who fed the 5000, He is the one that provided fish for the disciples when they toiled all day in vain, He is the one who controls the elements, He is the one who raises the dead and heals the sick.

Our Master is all powerful. He can provide us with the needed material things, but He wants us to serve Him and do the job that we came to earth to do!

Just as Elder Holland imagined the savior telling Peter when he went back to fishing, we can imagine Him telling us the same thing...So, for those who spend too much time worried about making money and spending all their efforts gathering material possessions, the Savior could be telling you..."If I want fish, I will get fish. What I want are disciples and I want them forever!"

I hope we all can be better disciples of the Savior. I hope we can dedicate our lives to serving Him and fulfilling our earthly mission, saving ourselves and others.

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