Sunday, November 2, 2014

God Loves You

I just returned from a short trip to Moab, Utah. I have been in Utah many times, but never got to visit these amazing places. Who would have thought that the desert could be so beautiful. I always loved green forests just because back home we don't have many trees. So, I didn't think something brown could be beautiful.
And what is more amazing is that nature can produce something like this. It is mind blowing that such amazing rocks could just develop over time. I've learned a bit about geology thanks to Br. Moore. My friend's father showed me around and took me in his little car. It was really fun to drive it and especially to cross the river in it and splash the water (27 times!).

 Learned that the white rock is salt...

Also went on a canoe down the Colorado river. We went through the slow areas of the river, as it is safer. But, that means you have to row all the time. I was tired towards the end...But, it was so nice as it was quiet and relaxing.


We saw this bird and kept trying to approach it quietly to take a picture and finally got a few good shots. Even a video with him flying.

Some Indian writing on the rocks:

Stayed and watched this hiker climb up the mountain. Very impressive:

As I looked at these amazing rocks I wondered how they are formed. I have come to learn that mostly they are shaped because of natural elements (rain and wind). Over the years they turn into these amazing shapes. It is similar for us in our lives. We face trials and difficulties and wonder, why am I facing all these storms? But, in reality, God is just shaping you and forming you into a master piece. We need to learn to trust Him and let Him guide us, direct us and help us become who He wants us to become.

As you look at the pictures below. I want you to think of two things:
First, how they all point upwards. After many years, all these rocks end up being one strip pointing to heaven. So it is for us. As we are purified, cleansed and perfected, we will get closer and closer to heaven and we will point to Him who created us. The more trials "storms" we face, the closer we are to heaven and the closer we are to our maker.

Second, we saw many rocks. They are all similar in that they are made of the same material. Yet, they are all different in shape. There isn't one that is more beautiful than the other, each has it's own unique beauty. We humans are the same. We are all made of the same material. Yet we are all beautiful in our own way. We all look different and each of us has a unique beauty. We need to never forget that we have the same creator and the same parent (our Father in Heaven). He loves us each, no matter what we look like or where we stand. He loves us enough to send storms, rain and wind to mold us and shape us so that we can one day be perfect, like Him. 

This is called Balancing rock:


P.S. I am giving a fireside in Sandy on the 23rd. I will put up a flyer about it on my blog (on the side) if any of you are interested in coming.

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  1. What a beautiful part of the country, I'm so glad you got to see it--and what an amazing photo of a Great Blue heron! Wow!

    If anyone has any sense they'll hire you immediately. Praying...