Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year

This will be a short blog post. I got busy yesterday and forgot to put a post up...
My cousin Rana came to Utah to visit me on Christmas day. We had a bad snow storm that day and I had bad tires on my car so I was worried about picking her up at the airport. My dear friend, Pat, was willing to drive to the airport in her 4-wheel drive and pick up my cousin. She also fed us both a wonderful meal. 
We made it home safely that night driving very slow. I got new tires the next day and now feel more comfortable driving on the snow.

Yesterday, my sister came as well. Of course the only two days it snowed since I arrived in Utah were the two days of my cousin's and sister's arrival. Strange!! We spent two hours on the road trying to get to the airport yesterday. The traffic was jammed up and we were going so slow. We worried that Samar had arrived early and was not finding us. But, we got there and found her and the snow and traffic was not bad on the way back.

Yesterday after it snowed the weather got better for a while and it became sunny. We went out and made a snowman. It was fun, but we made the mistake of making it in the driveway. so, now I have to make sure I don't kill frosty when I go in and out of the garage.

 On the 24th my friend had me over for dinner and we made Middle Eastern food. Well, we made falafel and Hummus, but we also made Stuff I had never made or tasted...It was good though. She also gave us British crackers (things you pop and get a treat inside). It brought back great memories from England.

Rana and I have been mainly doing shopping and saying we will do the fun stuff when Samar comes. Now we have 3 days while she is here and hopefully we can do everything we want to do. I got to buy this cute Christmas tree on sale for $5

I have been blessed with amazing friends here that have been giving me great gifts for Christmas. I have also been invited to dinner many times and had a lot of good food. My friend Emily made Palestinian food for us the other day. It was amazing. They even made Baklawa and it was sooo good.

 Hope you all have a great new year. I will post more pictures as we travel and see stuff this week.

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