Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fun Times--Fireside info

Let me start with this..
I am giving a fireside in my ward (but it will be a different building). You are welcome to invite friends. It will be pretty much the same one I gave in Sandy in November. So, if you came to that one, don't bore yourself and come again.  

The date is Sunday, Jan 11th at 7:00 pm
Address: South Chapel 1038 N 1200 E in Provo

It has been a busy week as my sister and cousin were here in Utah visiting. It was really cold and snowed on the day my cousin arrived and on the day my sister arrived as well. We did a lot of fun things even though it was cold. We went sledding on tubes. Although my sister and cousin wanted to do it again, once was enough for me. I have never been that cold! The temperature was like -4 F (-20 Celsius) and we waited in line for a while. One of the guys even knew we were freezing and gave us hand warmers (even though he could not understand what we saying --we were speaking Arabic). Going up the hill on the tube was fun, but going down was not so much fun. I really felt my face freeze. Because when it is that cold and you are going down fast with the air in your face it is pretty bad.

The drive in Provo canyon was really pretty. We saw the water falls and even stopped at a lake to take pictures. (well, for a few seconds--that is all the time we could spend outside)

We went to an aquarium and watched the cute penguins and saw sharks and other amazing sea creatures. We took a short trip to SLC and visited temple square. We did not get to wait until it was dark to see the Christmas lights. It was too cold, but the lights were just as pretty when it was still light outside. 

On New Year's eve we went to see a movie (ya I know we are nuts) then stayed in the mall waiting for the fireworks. We watched the fireworks for 30 seconds then felt we were frozen to death. We went and watched the rest of them from the car. 

I had a few possible jobs, but it seems like none of them will work. Don't want to seem pessimistic. I am still hoping for the one at BYU-I and I have an interview with them on the 21st and so I should know soon after that. If nothing works, I will probably go to NY for a few months then go home. I have no job at home either because I turned down the job with UNRWA and so I don't know if I will find anything there. The hardest thing for me is not knowing what I am doing next month. I just want my life to be planned for the next two months. Is that too much to ask? I really want to know! Plane tickets are expensive last minute! Oh well...

Below is the snowman my cousin and I tried to build. the snow was very fluffy and hard to make into balls. We then could not figure out what to use for mouth and nose. Ok, I know carrots are used for noses, but hey they work for eyes as well. We made the mistake of building it in the driveway (and in the middle of the sidewalk). Then we tried to move it and could not! I had to kill Frosty on Friday, he started to melt anyway and looked ugly.

I have been naughty this year...even though I did get plenty of great gifts...thanks to everyone who played Santa...See the real santa would probably never give me gifts...

my sister and I at the aquarium:

Went to the festival of lights and it was fun to see all the lights and drive through...

At soldier hallow where we went sledding in the tube. Some strange snow formations, pretty cool (and freezing too).

I love the icicles on the sides of the houses as we drive by. This is not the best one, but the only one I took a picture of.

A lake in Provo canyon. Even the lake looks frozen...I really feel the movie 'Frozen' applies here...

I found 16 free plays in the machine and won this stuffed dog in my 10th try...sheesh those things are hard...This was on New Year's day as we waited for the fireworks...
 While driving in the tree streets in Provo we ran across two deer that just watched the car and stood there...cute...

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