Monday, January 26, 2015


I had an interview at BYU Idaho on Wednesday. I drove up there on Tuesday. The drive was really nice. The roads were empty, and so were the sides of the road. When I entered Idaho I started to doubt anyone actually lived there because I saw nothing but empty hills and fields (well there were cows, but no people). I missed one of the exits and thought I would find a populated area to get something to eat shortly had to drive for a while before reaching the next place I could stop at.

I stopped to fix something in my car. The check engine light came on and I stopped in Idaho Falls to fix it. The guy said nothing was wrong and re-set the light for me at no cost. I am glad I stopped there because Idaho falls was beautiful. I drove to the temple and took pictures of the waterfalls. Everyone told me how cold it would be, but the weather was perfect that day. So much that I was not wearing a jacket when I took those pictures. It does look frozen, but it was not very cold.

I got to the hotel and rested a while then went over to the Huffs for dinner. Br. and Sister Huff were at the Jerusalem center many years ago and they invited me over. Br. Huff teaches at BYU and he was able to answer all my questions about it. They also took me on a tour of campus, this helped me know my way around the following day.

The night at the hotel was horrible. The heater was making cracking noises all night. They told me that when the temperature goes down below freezing all of the heaters do that! I was not able to sleep at all. At 3:30 am I finally turned the heater off (they told me how to do it--I didn't know), but by then I was completely awake and could not go back to sleep.

I went to my interview and worried I won't do well due to the lack of sleep! It went mostly OK. I had an interview with a General Authority first. Then had interviews with others in the university. Everyone was so kind and helpful. This would be such an amazing place to work at. I really hope I get this job! Some of the faculty members took me out to lunch and then to dinner. I also had to teach a class as part of the interview process.  The first half of the class went well, but then I tried to hurry through to finish the material (I shouldn't have) and I felt the students were lost. Some of the students gave me positive comments which made me feel better. There were faculty members in the back watching and someone was taping the lecture as well which made me more nervous.

That morning it was very cold, but it warmed up a bit. I was able to walk around campus and see some of the buildings. 
When I got to the hotel that night I was so tired. I don't think I have ever been this tired (well except after a long flight). 
I got up in the morning and went to the Rexburg Temple. Again, the weather in the morning was freezing. Even the air was frozen! I think it was warm the day I got there just to welcome me. Gladly, it warmed up a bit as the sun came up. The temple was so beautiful and it was so nice to be there. I headed home right after the session. And actually was able to drive all the way stopping shortly only once.

 The next day, BYU-I called me and said that I was chosen as one of two finalists that they will submit to the board. The board then decides on one of those. the Board meets Mid-March. And it is pretty much a 50-50 chance for me at this point. But, I still have a feeling that I will get the job. So, we will have to wait till March and see. Again thank you all for your prayers and support. I know I would not have done well in the interview with no sleep if it wasn't for all your prayers.

I am trying to find cheap tickets as I fly home mid-February for my nephew's wedding. I am reluctant to get a one-way because I still hope that I will return soon. I should get my ticket soon though as there is not much time left.

I stopped looking for work and right now just hoping the BYU job would work. I am trying to pack and do some shopping before I go home. I can't believe I have accumulated that much stuff in the short time I have been here!! It is so strange. Luckily I can leave all of it here (in the hopes that I would return). If I don't return I guess hopefully my friend will make some use of it.

I gave a fireside yesterday and will give another one on the 8th of February.  It has been a great experience to address these amazing saints. I sometimes feel that my experiences are so different than the experiences of people in Utah, but at least from the comments I heard, I learned that they become more grateful for their blessings when they hear my story. 

I also got a text the other day from one of the missionaries I served with in England. I felt I did not make a difference during my mission. But, this sister told me that even the few talks I gave helped people. She said she knows some people who came back to church because of what I said. This really helped me understand a bit about why I was there.

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  1. It was wonderful to see you! I am so hoping you get the job here in Rexburg! Good luck, keep us posted!