Sunday, February 22, 2015

Counting my Blessings

I went to Rexburg this week and rented a place in Mesa Falls Apartments. Nothing I saw compared to it just because it was a new apartment and I just loved it. If I end up staying in Rexburg a while I may buy a house, but for now this will have to do. 

While I was in Rexburg I stayed with Br. and Sister Keller. They were in Jerusalem years ago.  They were so nice and took me around and showed me the area. Sister Keller made me German pancakes and they were just heavenly.  I'll have to try to make them, they are so easy to make. Here are some pictures

They raise Elk (and these don't have horns) as we saw on the way to Sugar city.  

 I actually considered living in Sugar city. It is so much like Beit Sahour. It is a very small town. Sister Keller knows everyone there. I bought a bedroom set from a guy there and didn't have to do much except tell him I was with her.  He was fine with us paying later (he didn't take cards!). 

I am just trying to shop for furniture and getting it all set up. I'll move in on the 6th of March.  The hardest thing to buy will be the mattress. I still have problems with my hip and from what I read online I should probably get a foam mattress to decrease pressure on my hip. I guess we will see what I find.

My nephew got married yesterday and I missed the wedding. It is sad, but I was able to see pictures and videos and that helped. I love technology.

My friend Jennifer had her baby. Here is Eliana Sahar Pond. She's cute! She may have to answer a lot of questions about her middle name when she grows up =) 

 I wish we could all be as innocent as a child. Children are generally happy and don't worry too much about a lot of things we worry about. I heard about a study that indicated that we get more and more unhappy as we grow older. I hope we can all choose to be happy and content in whatever circumstance we are in. When I lived in Zababdeh I didn't have a fridge, and didn't have hot water. I had to heat water in a small pot so I can shower. I had a rat who entered my place every night and had large cockroaches everywhere. But, after a while I managed to be content and happy. 

Sometimes we forget to be grateful for what we DO have and focus on the negative things. I feel so blessed right now. I can't thank Heavenly Father enough. He has been with me every step of the way. The path to happiness is easy...Happiness comes as we follow the Savior Jesus Christ and walk as He walked. Because if I ask you "Was the Savior happy?" you would say 'of course'. But, He was rejected, persecuted, spit upon, tortured and crucified.  If He can be happy, so can we, but only if we follow Him.



  1. Sahar, I am so glad to hear of your blessing to get a job there. I have been inspired by your kind example, and your love for our Savior. Having your light has helped me in many ways preparing for my mission. I am glad to have you for sister and as a friend.

  2. What a perfect, beautiful baby. What a beautiful middle name, and I can just imagine the peacemaking that will come from her sharing it.

  3. Wonderful! Hopefully we will see you sometime after the dust settles up there. What will you job entail? Negotiating world peace and other minor assignments tailored to suit your capable background and experience? I'm sure you will be great.

  4. Her name is very special. After nearly a decade of infertility we named her Eliana. It is Hebrew for "My God Has Answered." And Sahar for my heroine on this earth, Sahar Qumsiyeh. We wanted her to always look up to her namesake. My daughter will always know that she is to live up to a woman of God, who will serve Him despite any personal sacrifice. Sahar means "the time right before the dawn." We live in that dark time now - the darkest time just before the coming of the sun. Appropriate for a baby born "for a time such as this." The time just before the coming of the Son. He will come again. There is meaning in the fact that our daughter has a Hebrew first name and Arab middle name. Sahar is a great example of loving her enemy, the Israeli Jew. She is a great example of the peace that comes with the living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your sweet comment, AlisonH.