Sunday, February 8, 2015


I have one more fireside on the 15th (aside from the one tonight in Kaysville). The one next week is on the 15th at 7:00 pm at BYU. The building is the JFSB, but I still don't have a room number. I will keep you posted via Facebook.

It has been a good week. It was kind of boring as I don't have much to do. I have just realized that I have only one week left before I am supposed to go home. My ticket is for Monday, the 16th. But, like I said, I am still hoping to get the job in Idaho and not go home.

I should know about the job by Friday of this week (yes 3 days before I have to leave). I will have my bags packed and ready to go...go where? Well, I think I have finally decided that if I get the job I am moving to Idaho right away. I am still hoping that I can start in April (which is most likely the case). I would really like to have my own place and get settled.

My stay in Utah has been wonderful...We have had amazing weather this winter (all because of me). I don't know if the plants and snow resorts appreciate the lack of moisture, but I do. We have summer weather almost, in the 60's, Sunny and beautiful. The people here have been so kind and helpful. They have all helped me look for work, fed me, prayed for me and gave me support.  I am so blessed to know such amazing people.

It has also been so nice to feel safe, have freedom of travel (no checkpoints), have running water every day, be able to take a shower every day with hot water, and belong to a great Ward and congregation.  I don't get to enjoy these things in Palestine. So, I will miss all these things when/If I go home. 

I gained stronger faith and trust in my Savior during my short stay here. I have been able to feel His love and support every day and it is a blessing. I also appreciate everyone that has helped organize talks for me. I have enjoyed those so much. And to think that I used to be afraid of speaking in public! A lot can change!

I speak to my family every other day. My mother has been amazingly well for which I am grateful. Of course she is hoping I would not get the job and come back to be with her. We will see what happens.

Last Monday I went to a FHE activity at the BYU Bean Museum. It was fun, they have really made the place much nicer (I have not been there in over 19 years). Below are some pictures. We got to watch a live-animal show which was interesting. I learned a lot even though the place was full of noisy kids.

This is the biggest turtle I have ever touched. My mom loves turtles and has quite a few of them that she raises (we maybe have over 10 or 15 of them). Mom, how would you like to add this one to your collection?

Yes, that is my hand. I freaked out at first, but the spider is actually cute! And the guy said it only produces hair to cause a rash when it is threatened. Glad I did not make it feel threatened.

The museum was full of animals eating each other. Sad!

I did no know that Giraffes were this tall. They didn't seem to be that big when I saw them in the zoo. But, I have never been this close to one! 

These are all butterflies (hundreds of them). Really pretty but sad that all of those butterflies are dead!

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  1. Love this! Stay over a night if you are on your way to Rexburg. We are three hours away!