Monday, February 16, 2015

Miracle Job

I think many of you may have heard through Facebook that I did get a job at BYU-Idaho.  I will be teaching in the Mathematics department there starting mid-April.

In many ways, getting this job was a miracle. I'll tell you why. 
First of all, I would not have picked a more perfect job. The reasons are many, but the main one is that this was the only job that would allow me to start in April. Because of the work visa, any job I would have gotten would not be able to get me a work visa until October 2015. The only places that could make the process faster and get me a visa before then are universities. But, all the jobs I applied to at universities start in the fall of 2015. Because BYU-I does a track system, they have a semester starting in April unlike other universities.  I have been without a job for over a year, and would not have survived financially until September. So, this is perfect!

Another reason why this whole thing was a miracle is that I had booked a return ticket to Palestine leaving today (no, I am not on the plane--another $1100 down the drain). But, it is hard to get a work visa from the Jerusalem consulate especially for Palestinians. I actually almost picked my return home date as Feb 8th, but because BYU Provo wanted to schedule me to give a Seminar, the only time they could do it was Feb 12. So that is why I chose to return home on the 16th.  (this is complicated, so I hope you are following). Anyway, BYU-Idaho was not going to make a decision about the job until mid-March (when my visa expires). This is the reason I decided to go home because naturally I can't sit here and wait for my tourist visa to expire. 

Amazingly enough, BYU-Idaho decided to let me know on Feb 11th (unusual) about the job. So, I knew that I got the job on the 11th before I needed to fly back home.  Because it is easier to get a work visa while residing in the US, I decided to cancel my ticket and not go home. Actually I may not be able to go home for a while. Amazingly enough, when I came to the US in September, I was coming here to stay one week only. I packed my bags for one week! And now I may not go home for a while. It may be easier for me to pay for my sister's ticket and have her bring me my things instead of dealing with the visa issues. Sadly this means I am going to miss my nephew's wedding this coming Saturday. But, hopefully it will be worth it.

I am staying with my friend Emily for 2 weeks after which I will move to Idaho. I need to start looking for places and getting settled. Again everyone has been so nice and they have introduced me to many of their friends and family in Idaho. I feel that I won't be so alone up there. 

I gave a fireside yesterday at BYU and it was good to see some old friends come to that. I won't be doing those for a while now that I am moving up to Rexburg.

We went to the museum of art at BYU and they had an origami display. Everything made out of paper. It was amazing! I mean I am proud to say I can make a crane, ya whatever! I mean I don't know how these people are able to do the things I saw. I have an Elder who was on my mission who does amazing things with paper. He made that mother and child one (first picture here), but the rest were made by people from all over the world. (we were not supposed to take pictures, but we didn't know until after we took these! oops) I had to start at the skeleton at the bottom for a while to convince myself that it is made out of folded paper! Note that most of these are made from one piece of paper mostly! (for those who live in Provo/Orem, go see it!)



  1. Congratulations, Sahar! I'm so happy for you!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord's timing is so divine. Nothing is coincidence when you are following His plan.

  3. الف الف مبروك You'll be a terrific asset to BYU-I! We're very happy to hear you'll be able to settle down--at least for a while. What an adventure your life has been so far!

  4. Congratulations!! We are so happy to hear this!

  5. This is great news! Very excited for you!

  6. So happy for you !!! Wish I could give you a big hug right now ;o)

  7. Oh, *congratulations*!!! I am so happy for you! Such a happy ending! And you felt it would all work out okay and it did. The peace of the Spirit and the people who listened to it to make it all come together for you--I am so glad!