Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Lord is my Shepherd

To start out I want to mention that I am giving one more fireside. The last one in Utah probably. I have really enjoyed giving these talks and even though I sometimes feel that my talk ends up being focused around me and my experiences, people have found what I say useful and faith motivating. It is an honor to be able to help someone...even if I touch one person and help them move closer to Christ, that is enough for me.

This fireside is again about trials and how to overcome them. The title is "Trials...the way TO BE."
The fireside will be on February 8th at 6:00 pm (a bit early). At the following address:

Kaysville Height Creek Stake
1520 Fox Pointe Drive
Kaysville, UT 84037

I hope those that have not managed to come to the last one can come to this one.

As for my news this week...I thought I finally was able to plan my life for one whole month. I booked a plane ticket home and thought I would just go home Feb 16th. I still hoped to get the job at BYU-I and thought that I can apply for the employment visa while there. 

However, I was talking to my brother Maher and he reminded me of what happened to my brother Walid years ago. He left his home, job, car and everything he owned in the US and went back to Palestine to visit. He thought that since he had a job in the U.S., it would be easy for him to get a U.S. work visa while in Palestine. This did not happen. They did not issue him a visa. After talking to Walid, he confirmed this and said that there would be a very small chance I could get an employment H1B visa if I applied from Palestine. He said I should apply while in the U.S.

I didn't know what to do because BYU-I was not going to let me know before mid-March about the job and because of my tourist visa I could not stay in the US until then.  I was confused and did not know what to do. I already had my ticket. Should I just go home and hope for the best?

While speaking with Elder Kacher of the seventy, he told me that the Board of Education moved up their decision and were going to decide about the BYU job in their February meeting on the 11th. This is a miracle I think. Because now, if I get the job I will just not go home. Also, as the department head was wanting to have me start working in April, having a decision made that soon would give me the ability of getting the work visa by April and start teaching in the Spring semester. Really, this could not be more perfect.

As I have gone about in my life, I have tried to involve the Lord in every decision I make. I try to always follow His direction. So far, I felt my life was similar to a journey in a car with me in the driver seat and the Savior in the passenger seat.  He has directed me and helped me have a wonderful ride. He is always giving me support during the hard turns and rocky roads that I have needed to drive on. He has truly been my shepherd guiding me to green pastures.  

Even two years ago when He told me to quit my job, and even though right now I have no job, I still believe that He is in charge and that He knows what He is doing.  When I was thinking about quitting my job over 2.5 years ago, I was directly given the words in Matthew 6 where the Lord tells us that He takes care of the birds and the flowers and that He will take care of us if we but trust Him. When I was set apart for my calling the other day, the Lord again told me these words...So, he's basically trying to tell me: "I'll take care of you, don't worry, just enjoy the ride."

These past few months in the US have taught me a lot. But, the most important thing I have learned is to move over to the passenger seat and give the Savior charge of my life. I have felt that He is a much better driver than I am. This has been hard because I am someone who wants to be in control. I always want to plan things out and know what I am doing in the next few months or even just the next few days. But, He has shown me that if I but trust Him, everything will work out. I don't have a job, and I have two weeks to get a job before I have to go home. But, I am not concerned or worried. He's in charge and He will make it happen.

Since I am not busy these days, I have been trying to reach out and help others especially the sisters in our ward. The more I get to know the sisters in the ward, the more I admire them. I am amazed at the amount of trials each of them has to carry and also amazed at their faith, endurance and courage. Each of those sisters have taught me so much. I am going to miss them so much.

So, next week I won't have any major news to share, but the week after that, I should. Yay, I am so happy and can't wait to finally find out. Even if I don't get the job it will be a relief to know what I am doing for the next few months at least. 


  1. I so hope you get this job!! You would be perfect for it. My husband and I graduated from BYUI and we have two children currently attending. We lived in the Middle East for ten years and have a great love for that part of the world.