Sunday, March 15, 2015

Got my Work Status

For some reason my mind is blank. I don't know what to write about.
 It has been a good week. I am finally settled and have all my furniture. The only thing that didn't come was the vacuum. Who needs to clean anyway =)
My mattress was not comfortable and I have tried everything I could to make it better. I got a foam top and an expensive pillow, but the foam top only made it worse. I think I will have to sleep on it for a month then see how bad my back pain gets. If it is too bad, I'll have to sell it and buy a new one.

My chairs are also not that great. My body is very picky when it comes to what things I can sit on (because of my hip problem). I finally decided to take the recliner back to Walmart. And I want to DI and got another recliner for $20. Ok, so this one is a bit broken, but it can easily be fixed (just needs a man with some tools). I just have not been able to fix it myself and I am afraid of messing it up more if I try.  But, this one is at least much more comfortable than the other recliner. And even if it is not fixed, it works just fine.  At least I have one comfortable thing to sit on.

My friend too me to their RS birthday party and it was fun (lots of good food too).

My work status was approved. Now I have to wait for the actual I-94 to come in the mail. Hopefully it will come by Tuesday otherwise I won't be able to keep the 13th of March as my contract start date. I guess everything has worked so far, this will have to work. I told BYU that it was a bad idea to put my contract start date as Friday the 13th, bad luck. But, who knows it may all work out.

I will need to work on getting my health insurance, my Idaho license and other stuff.
I have some training to attend at BYU-I, and I should start preparing for classes. I can't believe that this worked out (and always in the last minute). My tourist visa expired only a few days after I got approval for my other visa status.

I have been asked to translate for The General Women's Conference. So, I will drive down to Utah for that. I am going to stay a week and go to a Mission reunion after general conference I think. I think the drive down to Utah gets easier the more I do it! 

I got my schedule and I have a 7:45 am class every day. That should be fun! I may be awake but the students may not be. Actually, this is good because I'll for sure get less students in the class =) My next class is in the afternoon! 
I am looking forward to has been kind of boring sitting here with nothing to do. I even have started watching TV (more than I have ever watched in my life). I need to find more productive things to do.

The weather has been really amazing here! I don't know why it is being so nice to me. Hopefully when the cold weather comes I would be able to survive it.  I need to go shop for winter clothes since everything is on sale now.

Well, I better quit before I bore you all to death. As I said, I have nothing exciting to talk about. Life is good, I feel very blessed. I have noticed that when the Lord is in charge things work out.  

I had some doubts recently. When I look at my life and see myself here in Rexburg alone without any family members and when I think of Palestine and my family, I get so home sick. But, every time I start to think "What in the world am I doing here?" I get a warm feeling telling me that this is where I am supposed to be at this time. I really don't know why and what I could possibly accomplish here in the little town of Rexburg, but, again, I'll have to leave it in the hands of the Lord. He knows!

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