Sunday, March 8, 2015

In Rexburg

I arrived in Rexburg on Thursday. They would not let me move into my apartment until the 6th (Friday). 
The mattress for the second bedroom was supposed to arrive on Monday. Online, it said it was delivered, but the mattress was not at the front door or in the office. I thought they left it at the front door and it got stolen! Finally, I got a call from a random FedEx guy who said: "We have your mattress, what do you want us to do with it?"
So, only very few things came early (on the 5th) and I had the apartment security unlock the place and let me put them in the apartment. So, it all went very well. 

I don't have all my furniture yet. I had my mattress delivered on Friday along with the bedroom set and I have the stuff in the extra bedroom/office.  It was all cheap furniture, but when you order stuff online you have to put it together!! I am never doing that again.  It took me 4 hours to put the bed together, it came in like 100 pieces and all had to be screwed together. My arm stopped functioning after a while! The next day I asked the Andersons (a couple who served with me in England) to come help me put the rest of the furniture together. They were so sweet and came and brought me food and some things for the apartment as well. It went a lot faster with the 3 of us working on the stuff.

My kitchen is nice and I have a lot of storage space. I don't like the mattress I got for my bed. I am going to see if the guy would let me return it, but I doubt it. My back is so specific when it comes to mattresses. The one at my friend's house was perfect, but can't seem to find anything like it. I visited a mattress shop in Rexburg and the guy there seemed to know what he's talking about. He asked me medical questions regarding my back and recommended a mattress, but I didn't listen to him and did not get it! Now I regret it. I mostly did not get it because he said it would take 3 weeks to get here!

Were it not for a sweet lady my friend knew I would not have anything to sit on but the bed. She gave me this cute comfortable chair! I love it! I am waiting still for my kitchen table and chairs and for the couch. 

The weather has been perfect. All the snow is mostly gone. Yay, maybe spring will come early.
I gave my last fireside in Utah last Wednesday. It was for the youth in the stake, but not many of them came. My first Bishop (from my first ward ever) came and took me to dinner before the fireside.

And I was glad to see Dr. Collings, one of my stats teachers at BYU. I have not seen him in so long!

My fireside was about obedience. I talked to the youth about how obedience can bring them happiness. Many times we think of the "don't" commandments...don't kill, don't lie, don't cheat, don't commit adultery. We think we are being obedient because we are not doing these things.  But, we tend to forget the "do" commandments. Like go to church and read your scriptures and pray and serve.  To me those help me survive and find peace and joy in life.  I told them that sometimes they will feel different than others because they obey, but it is Ok because they need to be part of God's team (not anyone else's). The path to winning the trophy and winning the game is eternal life and it is worth every sacrifice.

Last week the Gunthers came to visit us at Emily's house. Br. Gunther was my branch president in Bethlehem. They are an amazing couple! It was so good to see them before I headed up to Rexburg. 

 I miss staying with the Azars (Emily and Tony). I want to thank them both for making me feel at home. I had to give Emily a lecture about that because her Palestinian nature is to want to cook for me and treat me like a guest and meet my needs. Emily had surgery while I was there, but she is slowly recovering. In a way I am sad that the job I found was not in Utah, but hey at least it is not in NY or some far away place. I can visit my friends in Utah anytime I want. I am very grateful for my blessings...

It feels good to be in a small town in some ways. I can't wait to go to church and see what the ward/church is like. So far my neighbors all seem very young (probably married students) and they all seem to have dogs. Umm maybe I should get a dog. Mom, will you ship Lassie over here?


  1. so happy for you in this new adventure. I know you will influence so many people in a positive manner and will also learn many wonderful things from them. He or she who does the Lords work receives the Lord's pay. You are certainly on your way. very best wishes

  2. Congratulations !!! You are awesome <3 We love you

    The Crockett's