Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leaving Utah

I am leaving Utah this week.  I have one final fireside on Wednesday for the youth. I will drive up to Idaho on Thursday. I may come back to Utah for general conference next month, but we will see how that goes.

I bought some furniture online and had it shipped to the apartment I rented. When I ordered the furniture it said the delivery date was March 6-7. I thought that would be fine since I would be in Rexburg on the 5th.  All of a sudden I started getting emails telling me that the items have shipped. And even though I ordered the items from the same place they didn't come together. I tried everything in my power to change the delivery dates for the stuff with no success. 

I think I am going to have furniture on the stairway by my apartment sitting for days. I am going to beg the office at the apartment complex to call me when they arrive and I'll try and have some of my friends in Rexburg go get the furniture. Frustrating, but it is my fault I guess for ordering stuff and believe the website. I guess Murphy's law applies here. When you order something and want it to get there early it does not get there. But, when you want it to not arrive, it does. 

I was not able to get my I-94 online.  We tried everything then emailed someone in order to have them send my I-94 to me and she didn't. It was time to file the application for my H1B visa and we didn't have the I-94. Yesterday, the lawyer called me and told me to go to the airport right then and get there before 4:30 (it was 3:30) because the office closes at 4:30. She told me to talk to someone there and gave me his name.  The person at the airport was so rude. I have never met anyone that rude. He said: "I can't give you the I-94, you can't work in the US. You came her intending to stay and you violated your tourist visa." I tried to explain that I came her to take a UN test, but he would not listen and was extremely rude so were the other officers there. 

I left not knowing what to do. The lawyer told me that she will have to think of something else to do and that we may have to file my application without the I-94.  That night I sat thinking what to do and decided to go online and try to retrieve the I-94 again. I tried different spellings of my name thinking they may have misspelled it. Finally I looked at my passport and it dawned on me that the way my passport lists my name may be strange to Americans. I put my mother's name as my first name and my last name as 'Sahar B H Qumsiyeh' and it worked!! So, I have my I-94, but it is actually my mom's I-94 ha ha!!!

I have been staying with my friend Emily and her family. She had surgery this past week. Luckily she is doing better now.  I think I like the American culture more in this case. People brought food for Emily and her family for days and not many came to visit. Back home when you have surgery everyone comes to visit and then you are forced to get up and feed them.

I want to end with a thought is that we should be an example to the world. The world is moving farther and farther from the right path. We need to be more kind, move loving and more faithful. The Savior gave us a higher law. A law that sets us apart from the world. But, He provided us a way to get help...He does not give us any commandment without providing help for us so we can keep it. It seems like the world is still focused on the law of Moses "thou shalt not kill" instead of focusing on the small details of not offending anyone and trying hard to be kind to people. 

We are truly the light of the world and need to shine so that we can be a light in a dark world to direct people to the Savior: The source of all truth, all light, all peace, all love...who is the bread of life and the source of living waters.


  1. So sorry you had to endure the rudeness of the guy at the airport, but glad you finally got the right visa. You keep pushing through your difficulties and that way you ultimately have success!

  2. Sahar, Roy and I would be happy to get your furniture and bring it to you when you arrive. Is your apartment empty yet? Maybe we could just put it inside? Let me know what we can do to hep!