Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Mother

On March 21st Palestinians celebrate Mother's Day. It was chosen on this day because it is the first day of Spring.  Motherhood is about giving, and what better than the first day of spring to celebrate that. 

I watched a video where they had some people from Palestine call their mothers just to simply say "I love you!". Almost every mother's reaction was something like this: "So, What do you want?"  As if they only hear the words 'I love you' when we want something from them! Palestinians don't often tell their mothers that they love them.  I hope we all can appreciate our mothers more and express to them our gratitude and love more often.

My mother Fawz is an amazing woman. She furthered her education during a time when women did not go to school. She went to school in Jerusalem to the Teacher's training college even when her bus was shot at many times during the Second World War. She went to a class with one student from each town and my mother was chosen to represent the Bethlehem area.  Her close friend and class mate was killed in Deir Yassin when Jewish Zionists massacred many there in 1948 killing her friend and all the students she was teaching in her kindergarten class. The death of her friend while teaching did not discourage my mom from becoming the best teacher she could be. 

Her teaching abilities came from a line of amazing teachers. My grandmother, Milia (my mother's mother), opened up the first girl's school in the Bethlehem area. She taught girls of all ages because no one had an education at that time.

My mother almost died while giving birth to me.  When she thought she would die, she encouraged my father to re-marry so someone will be there to take care of me and my siblings.  But, my  mother's faith and determination gave her the strength to fight and live.  She prayed that should would live so she would be able to raise me.  I am glad Heavenly Father answered her prayer and that I was blessed to have her in my life. She taught me to serve and love others regardless of how they act towards me.

This is an old picture of me and my mom. I think my mom made that dress for me if I remember right.

As I am getting ready to go back to a teaching career, I am grateful that I have amazing parents (who were both teachers) and grandparents and uncles who were great teachers.

I got sick the other day. It is hard to be sick when you know no one is there to take care of you. These are times when I miss my mom the most. She would have made me soup and taken care of me. I was too sick to get up.  I survived (obviously)! 

As I was seeking someone to give me a priesthood blessing I was wondering if I should call someone in the ward and ask. I did not know anyone there, so I decided not to. Shortly after that, my Relief Society President shows up at my door. It was random, but definitely not a coincidence. She arranged for two people from church to come and give me a blessing. I am grateful for such amazing leaders. I know I am taken care of, even if I am alone here without family.

I took some training the other day on campus. I got my health insurance and it is actually amazing!! They also have a great savings plan. BYU has great benefits!



  1. Sahar, I feel privileged to have met your mother. I'm sure she misses you terribly. She is a remarkable woman.

  2. Wow. What an amazing story of faith and perseverance. You never stop needing your mom - no matter how old you are.

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  4. Sahar, what wonderful stories you have in your life. The Lord has had His eye on you for many generations. How fitting that you are able to continue your legacy.
    I hope you will make many cherished friends in Idaho. I know you will be such a good example to many. Thank you for always being grateful even in the midst of challenges.