Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nothing to report

I apologize in advance for the boring post! If you have something better to do, go do it.
I am sorry I have no new news...I was sitting here thinking what to write about and I also can't think of anything. I have been preparing for classes and just finishing setting my classes up online. I have about 140 students this semester. I am not happy about having 50 students in each class as it is hard to have that many students and engage them all, but we will see how it goes.

My goal this semester is to help at least half of my students start to like Math. I have not met any Americans who like math yet. When I introduce myself to people and say that I will be teaching Math, their reaction is always the same. "I hate math, it was the worst class I ever took." I really would like my class to not be the worst class my students take. I don't quite know how to accomplish that, but I will do my best. I am sure I will get better at it as time goes by, but we will see.

I finally got maintenance to fix the ticking noise in my heating/AC system, but now there is a hole in my ceiling! Hopefully they will get it fixed and painted so it won't look so bad, but hey at least it is not driving me crazy anymore.

Now that I have health insurance I have taken my physical just to make sure I am not dying or anything =) So far I seem to be healthy. 

I am trying really hard to stay anonymous. I really don't want to be as popular as I was in Utah (ha ha). I just want to be a normal person and blend in. I managed to go visit two sisters in the ward (VT) and not say anything about myself. Mostly because my companion did all the talking...We will see how long this lasts.

A few days ago we had snow and yesterday it was so hot almost like summer. The weather is just strange!! But, I must say I like the variety, this way we don't get bored!

I have been trying all the restaurants around here in Rexburg. I must say I was not impressed with some of them, but others were pretty good.  I have never had apple pizza before, but I must say it was pretty good (at Pizza pie Cafe--all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad).

And of course I can't live without Chinese food!

The shortest way from my office to the math building is through these beautiful Ricks gardens on campus. Lucky me!

Here is the math building with the temple in the back.

Can't wait for all those bare trees to have leaves. Some of them actually started (yay for spring).



  1. I remember my father taking me to see those gardens when I was a little girl! He has always loved beautiful landscaping, and he wanted us kids to appreciate it, too. I'm pretty sure that the last time I saw them was over thirty years ago, though, and it is nice to be reminded of that memory.

  2. Love seeing the campus I used to attend. With all your powers you will work wonders there with the students. I think with all you have to offer, you'll have a hard time staying incognito. :) Wouldn't doubt you will be quite popular!