Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our Journey Back Home

We had a nice long weekend last week for Memorial day. Well, it didn't seem that long actually. It would be nice to have a few more days off...
I decided to go exploring and visit some places that are close by. I went up to Mesa Falls on Monday.  It was such a beautiful drive (I kind of wish someone else was driving so I could more fully enjoy the scenery...but it was great anyway. 

I stopped a few places and enjoyed the beautiful forests, hills and rivers. Everyone gathers at Warm River to feed the fish. They were big fish, but the river was going by so fast that the fish had a hard time stopping to enjoy the bread.  Mesa Falls were amazing (the apartment complex I live at is called by the same name of the waterfalls: Mesa falls)...someone said they saw a canoe go down the waterfall. Last week, we heard that one of our university students was killed in a canoeing accident. Hopefully not the same one. Because whoever went down those huge waterfalls was insane!
Here are some pictures:

The strange thing was that when I got back from this amazing trip I actually felt I was coming back home.  Just being back in familiar area felt good.  I have wondered why I came to Idaho, but now I know that it was mostly for me. I am growing and learning. It is not who I will help, but who I will become.  Even though I was ready to start living in NY when I came here last September, the Lord had a different plan. I'm grateful I am here. I heard someone say that our trials and experiences are designed for us...

I must say the biggest challenge I have here is learning to live without challenges. I really don't have any trials. It has been rather strange to not have to deal with checkpoints, danger, conflict...etc. I will find ways to learn and grow without those experiences. And I should enjoy it while it lasts because I think bad times are at the door and the second coming of the Savior is closer than we all think.

I had lunch at a Chinese buffet yesterday in Idaho falls and my fortune cookie said:

You can tell that I am being good to myself and not just because the fortune cookie told me to (ha ha). 

I can't believe June starts tomorrow. Time has gone by so fast. Teaching is getting better. I am getting used to it and I think next semester it will be easier because I will teach the same classes with an addition of one new class. I am not sure I am happy about my schedule in the fall as I have a late class, but at least I don't have a 7:45 am class. I may still have to go to campus early so I can get a parking spot! 

My students are doing better in class. Those that didn't do well in the first exam are trying harder and hopefully will do well in the coming exam. I am so proud of them!

Our speaker last Sunday shared with us an experience that I wanted to share with you. He works at a school and he said he knows one blind student in his school. This blind student can go anywhere in the school by herself and can get to her classes simply because she has counted how many steps it is to get everywhere.  Sometimes, he runs into her in the hallway and asks how she is doing. She would tell him not to distract her as she would lose count. Or she would say, just remind me on which step I am. If she loses count she will need someone to help her get to where she is going.

It is like that in our lives. We are all trying to get back to Heavenly Father and although we know how to get there, we let some things distract us and we lose our way. I hope that we all can focus on the goal ahead and not let the small distractions like TV or Facebook or other things stop us from reaching our goal. I hope we can find time to nourish our spirits and draw closer to Heavenly Father while we go through this mortal journey.

It is sad that we lost an amazing apostle of the Lord yesterday, Elder Perry. He died at age 92.  I can't believe that he stood strong and gave an amazing talk in conference just last month and now he is gone. I know that God empowers these men to do what they need to do even to the last minute of their lives.
Here is his talk:
Elder Perry's Talk about Marriage and Family  


  1. Beautiful attitude Sahar. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I, too, feel like I'm 'home' when I return from a trip. The country you're in is truly beautiful. I have had some very spiritual insights in those places you visited. I always love being so close to Nature and acknowledging God's gifts of beauty, peace and majesty. He feels so close in those times. He created this earth to bring us joy and surely anyone who ponders the wonders of the universe feels that joy AND gratitude.
    Glad that school is going better for you. It's a learning experience for everyone.
    My challenge now that I am not in school is to not waste my time being distracted. I'm not sure we have to be "anxiously engaged" to the point of exhaustion, but we do need to acknowledge the Lord's hand in our lives. Whether we face challenges large (like you family and others at home) or small (loneliness, testimony, spending our time in worthwhile endeavors), we all have the gift of agency and are responsible for our choices. I know you will learn and grow as the Lord directs your path. You seem tuned-in to His messages.
    May He continue to bless you in all your days.

    1. Thank you Susan. You are always so kind...You are absolutely right about trying to be anxiously engaged. I am trying...

  2. Awesome post! I am always so glad to read your updates. You sound happy! :) Love ya.

  3. I echo Kathy, it's wonderful to hear how well you're doing. The pictures are beautiful thank you for sharing.