Sunday, May 24, 2015

Random Stuff

It has been a good week. It rained a lot, which is good. That means the pretty green trees and grass will remain green longer.
We have this Monday off for Memorial day. I was thinking of doing something fun this weekend, but they said it would be raining. 
I went down to Idaho falls yesterday and did some shopping. I barely finished when it started raining. It rained so hard on my way back. I sat in my car for a few minutes hoping it would stop, then realized I could be there all day and it won't stop.

I found green Hummus at Winco's and I was so thrilled, because my sister was telling me they were eating some the other day and I was craving it.  I toasted it in the oven with lemon and salt and ate so much yesterday. yum...

I may go to Mesa Falls (water falls close to here) on Monday. I guess it depends on the weather.  I do need to prepare for classes and write my exams for next week, but I do feel I need to get out and go somewhere in nature.  I have been staying home too long lately.

It is strange how small this place is, I mean I can go anywhere in less than 5 minutes. I got up the other day and remembered that we had an employee breakfast on campus. I got ready and left and still made it in time (since campus is so close). It was fun and the food was excellent. 

And I realized the other day that I can go for over a month with one tank of gas in my car. I mean this is how small Rexburg is. 

We had a training the other day in the Math Department. And one of the students helping with the training was an Elder on my mission in England. He was so excited to see me...I did run into some people from my mission here. It is a small world.

I decided to do an MRI for my back. I do have lower back pain sometimes and my hip has not stopped hurting. So, I will do one this week just to make sure. This way I will rest assured that I have done all I can to fix my problem and can move on with my life. I must say that I do need to start exercising though. I know that may help, but I still have not found the motivation to do that. I leave really early for work and come home dead tired and can't do anything. I have a gym right here on the apartment complex, but I don't take advantage of it.

For the last few months I have been helping the missionaries in France teach an Arab man the gospel. It has been a great experience...Although he cancelled the meeting the last two weeks. This happened after we told him he should quit smoking. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. ;-)  But, he seemed willing and said yes, I'll quit smoking. I guess we will have to wait and see. He does have faith in Christ though.  And even just seeing many Muslims leave their country then embrace Christianity is amazing to me. I do see the hand of the Lord in this. Heavenly Father brings them out of their countries then helps them find faith in  His son, Jesus Christ. It is pretty cool...

Teaching is going ok, I am trying to find better ways to make my classes interesting and fun for the students. They have their second exams coming up next week. We will see how they do.




  1. Love hearing about your new life, Sahar. I understand your "dead tired" feelings. While I was teaching I gained so much weight because I was way too tire to exercise. Funny thing, I also had two ruptured discs and didn't even know it till this recent back surgery! I hope you don't come to that, but I'm WAY better off now than before!
    Also, I found a recipe for Crispy & Spiced Garbanzo beans. I'll 'share' it with you on FB. I haven't tried it yet but want to.
    I was remembering some friends I met from China who found the Gospel, were baptized then returned home. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.
    Have a great time at the Falls, They are so beautiful. My family's on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River this week enjoying water from above and below... ;-(
    Good luck with the exams and motivating the students. I hope you're letting them re-teach each other. Makes them responsibly involved.... Have it happy and stay well.

  2. Sahar, have you tried working with a trained physical therapist? This might be the answer.

  3. I mentioned to my doctor about hip pain and he poked and prodded and said I had tendonitis in it and gave me exercises to help it get better, and it did get a lot better. Good luck.