Sunday, June 28, 2015

Freedoms in the US

I understand that my posts have become boring. I will have to think of more interesting stuff to post, or simply not post at all. I don't know how many will notice if I don't post. 

I am going to give a 'devotional' today at someone's house. I am struggling with what to say. She asked me to share my conversion story, and I am having a hard time talking just about me. I hope I can find direction about what I should speak about.  Some people from the Math department will be there, so that is added pressure. I hope people feel the spirit and are not disappointed.

The university hosted a luncheon and a speaker from the US military came to speak to us. He has served in Afghanistan and Iraq and other areas.  I always had a hard time with Americans serving in those countries and could not see a purpose for it.  So, I decided to go to get more informed about what the US army does in these countries. This man's experiences were eye opening. He was doing a lot of good there.  

He told us a little bit about Afghanistan and I was shocked at some of the figures he shared with us. Almost half of the people there cannot read and write. There is so much conflict, in addition to crime.  Methods of transportation are mostly horses, donkeys or camels. He said there are 7 million landmines that have not been discovered yet and he has seen those go off and kill children who think they are a toy and want to play with them. The average life expectancy there is 44 years old! And 20% of the children under 5 years old die. The average salary is $300 a year!

This helped me realize the value of education. Why doesn't anyone invest in the effort to teach those people how to read and write! He showed us one boy who's goal was to learn to read and write. His father then said: "and when he learns, he is going to teach me and his mother also how to read and write."   How can they survive without ever going to school!?

What he shared also made me grateful to be Palestinian. Even though our situation in Palestine is bad, at least we can live without danger mostly. It is true that people in the US sometimes don't realize how blessed they are to have the freedoms they enjoy and he made that clear as he spoke. 

There are many flags and decorations around as Americans celebrate the 4th of July, independence day.  I hope that some day I will have that feeling of having a country, and celebrating being independent and free... Having the right to travel freely in my country...

A Palestinian friend of mine who married an American decided to take her new husband to the Holy Land to visit her country. She holds a US passport. The Israelis let her in, but did not allow her American husband to enter the country. They said that on her Palestinian ID it does not say they are married. (What? why can't he enter as a tourist? What does their marriage status have to do with anything?) They finally let him in a few days later after my friend changed her Palestinian ID to say 'married'.  But, of course my Palestinian friend can't show her husband around her country. He has to travel and sight-see on his own. As a Palestinian, she is not allowed to travel to Jerusalem or Galilee or any of those places (even if she holds an American passport as well).

My nephew in Palestine has been sick and in the hospital and hopefully the doctors will figure out what is wrong and help him. This is when good medical care is essential...that is the other thing that is good in the US. Even though it is VERY expensive, there is better medical care.

I already have three of my classes next semester that are full with a waiting list.  The students I have this semester are doing Ok except in one of my classes. There are quite a few that will fail (mostly because they NEVER come to class). I don't understand why they even register and not come. I tried to encourage them to come, with no success. 



  1. Sahar,
    Though I live far away from you in the state of Arizona, I consider myself a student of yours, for your life's example has taught me many things. I have been brought to know more of the truth of God's love, for each of his tender children. Keep teaching! -Joesph

  2. Hi Sahar, I would be sad if you stopped blogging. I always read your blogs. They are not boring to me! Also, I know you have a spiritual gift for speaking and I always felt inspired by your talks. Sending you my love, Jolynn