Saturday, July 18, 2015

Random Stuff

I am writing this today because I know I will not be able to write tomorrow or anytime this week. I am heading to the workshop in Nebraska tomorrow super early.  It will be nice to get out, but it looks like it will be busy work all the time (even at night we will be at the workshop!).

I found out that two of my good friends (the Okiishis) are in Omaha Nebraska. Br. Okiishi is the temple president there. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. My friend and I will rent a car and drive up to Omaha and spend some time with them.

This semester has gone by so fast...but the last week felt like a year. I kept thinking it was Friday every day because I felt that it should have been over by now. But, I taught my last class on Friday and that day was especially exhausting.  As anxious as I was to be done, the minute I got home and realized I won't see my students again, I started to miss them. I had the most amazing students this semester. I had a few good comments from them which made me feel good, like "you are the best math teacher I ever had". One of my students said that he is now convinced that I am 'the coolest' Mormon woman. Sadly, on the academic side it is not as great as many of my students failed (especially in calculus), but I tried my best to  help them.

We got to pick our classes the other day and it was kind of an interesting process, but I got mostly the classes I want and it worked out even though I was last on the selection list.

I had some friends over for dinner this past week. My friend Sharon Eubank came to BYU-I and did a devotional. Her talk was amazing. She showed a video about Lebanon that was simply perfect and it is good to know that there are good members of the church in the Middle East. Sharon brought a friend with her, a Syrian girl who is a member of the church. She is so sweet and has had such a difficult life. She was lucky to be able to get out of Syria and after many hardships start attending BYU-I here.

I got called as the Assistant Secretary in the RS presidency. It has been good, but I may be creating more work than this calling requires. I guess I miss being so busy with church stuff that I am trying to make myself busy.

The other day we had a security threat on campus. Someone made a threat and we didn't know what they were going to do. Luckily nothing happened! At the end of the day, we had a tornado warning. Ok, I don't know what to do in such situations. Even some of the teachers had no idea. "Should we go to the bathroom and tie ourselves to the toilet or what?" It turned out to be nothing, it didn't even rain...It think it was not too close to us, but you could see something forming in the distance (see pictures below):

The temple area on the other hand, seemed so pretty...

My friend is saying they are expecting a large earthquake to hit the western United States (California mainly). I think we will be far from it, but then you never know. 

My friend from BYU days, Elizabeth, came to Idaho this week and it was nice to see her and catch up. we went to a great place to eat. and since it was the last day of class it was a celebration to me...

Ok, I guess I better sleep since I have to get up super early...Don't want to miss my flight...good night everyone... 

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