Sunday, July 12, 2015

The end...

I can't believe how fast this semester has gone by. It is coming to an end...the last week of classes is the hardest as the students don't really want to be in class, nor do I. I just want to be done! 
I've had less and less people show up for class...

I was trying to prepare for my workshop next week in Nebraska, but have not had time. I hope this coming week will be quiet enough and I can do that. 

I went to Idaho falls yesterday and did some shopping. I had to get away as everyone invaded my street. "Slide the City" had a water slide put up on 7th south down the hill from the temple here. So, they close off a street and then put a large water slide in the middle of the street.  I did not take a good picture (the second one came from the internet), but it looked like fun. I don't see myself doing that though especially knowing that some of my students will be there ;) That would be embarrassing.

I am looking forward to the devotional on Tuesday which will be given by my good friend Sharon Eubank. She is amazing! I'll be having them over for dinner on Monday (I just hope the food will turn out good). 

I was driving in Idaho falls yesterday and came across this really nice (??) what would I call it? Well it was great and I took a picture ha ha.

I don't really have much to say...Well, actually I do, but recently I was wondering how much information do I want to be available for the general public!? So, you may get the general overview. If you want more details, email me.

I got a calling in church finally. It is not too much work (but I am making it too much work, you know me). I'm assistant secretary in the RS presidency. Maybe it will help me get to know the sisters more.  

I look forward to my trip to Utah and then to Ohio next month...but I guess I have to survive finals and grading first. Things are great and I feel very blessed. 

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