Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back in Idaho

It was really a nice vacation while it lasted. It was great to be with my family and attend my nephew's amazing wedding. The best part was that I didn't have to worry about work and was really able to relax and enjoy my time there.

On Monday we went to Jungle Jim's (a fun store with lots of international food items). They had interesting stuff, like this giant gummy snake weighing 27lbs. (450 servings) You can get that for your kids and they will have candy for the rest of their lives from it. (the little green thing is a frog, right next to the snake). The snake is about my height when stretched.

We found Baqala (salted cod) at this big store and Walid got it so we can have it for breakfast. I know it sounds strange to have fish for breakfast, but Baqala is a special kind of fish and it is tradition to eat it for Breakfast in Palestine. It has been a while since we had it, so it was great to have a nice breakfast the day we left.

My brother Walid, his daughter Summer and I went to Kings' Island on Monday.  Here are some pictures from Kings Island:

This was the most fun roller coaster I ever rode. It keeps going up and down and it was a blast!! 

Pictures I took from the air as we were on a high ride:

 Sadly, it started pouring rain and we were lucky to run in time and get into a restaurant. I was sad I didn't get to ride more rides, but everything was soaked by the time the rain stopped.

I love this ride, the Delirium, but I guess I will have to ride it next time I go.

I am now back in Rexburg. I'm glad I made it safely as I kept falling asleep on the way. Never eat waffles for breakfast then take a long drive. I did stop once, but that didn't help. 

I am trying to finish preparing for my classes for Fall. I have 5 classes and about 200 students. It should be a fun semester! I start on the 26th with new faculty meetings. So, I will be busy for the next two weeks. I have only two days left to finish preparing for the new semester.

My student evaluations were not great and I was pretty sad about that, but hopefully I can improve and be a better teacher. My friend told me that her first two evaluations were horrible, then they improved. Hopefully that will happen with mine. There were some really positive comments, so it is not that bad.

I applied for a full-time faculty position at BYU-I (I am currently a visiting professor). Hopefully since I am already here that may be an advantage. We will see...

I finally was able to sell my mattress and hopefully will get a better one that will work for my hip problem. I may also invest in a nicer living room set once I sell my couch. 

I know I am acting like I will be here a while...who knows...but I am acting in faith.  I was very sad to leave my family in Ohio, it was really nice to be with family again...I almost decided to go back home after my contract ends, but when I started thinking about the occupation and the bad situation at home, I decided that I am better off here. I can always visit my family at least once a year when I get my visa situation fixed.

I wanted to thank my friends in Utah who helped me so much during my stay (letting me stay at their home, feeding me, taking me to the airport). It is really nice to have good friends who would do anything for you. I just wish they were closer! I do have friends here and I need to make the effort to form closer friendships.

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