Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back in Utah

It is good to be back in Utah to the mountains I have grown to love.
It has been wonderful to visit with old friends and rest and relax for a change.

I finished most of what I had to do in Rexburg before coming to Utah. I moved to a new office in the Ricks building. It is great to be close to where my classes will be and close to others in the math department. But, I will miss my spacious office with the window. I guess not having to walk in the cold and snow in the winter will be worth it!

I have a mission reunion tomorrow, and a small fireside on Thursday. Sorry, it is not open for public ;-) due to space limitations.

Yesterday my friend had a baby shower for her sister at her house. It was amazing and they (Emily and her sisters) did a great job organizing it and decorating. They are so creative! I include some pictures...
They had a waffle bar with really good toppings...yum...

I got to talk to some people who I met at the shower...some of them are dealing with marriage issues, or divorce or custody. I was surprised as to how broken families are here.  I have many friends and do notice a big difference in their home when their family is close together and they are happy.  The home has an inviting atmosphere and I feel peace there.

When I went to Nebraska with my friend, she said her family has prayer and scripture study every night. And she asked me if I wanted to join. It felt really good to do that. I think reading the scriptures and praying together is the main thing that will bring families closer to one another and make them happier. 

Technology has put borders between us and we are less likely to talk to one another. I even felt it yesterday, since I didn't know many people I just played with my phone. But, when I put it aside and actually talked to people, I was able to get to know them and even help them in their problems. 

I watched my friends that I am staying with as they limit kids' use of technology by timing them to make sure they don't use ipads or computer games all day. I wish everyone would talk to their kids and spend time with them as that is the most important thing. (I don't have kids, so I can preach to parents like that and get away with it...ha ha)

You parents should always remember that your children are Heavenly Father's children too and He will help you raise them.

I am looking forward to spending some time with my family in Ohio. My brother is coming from Texas as well. I do miss my family in Palestine and sad I won't be able to go visit them this summer. But, being with my two brothers here will make up for that in a way.

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  1. Single, childless adults give the best parenting advice. Ask all my married with children friends, and they'll tell you my advice rocks. ha ha ha!! Just kidding. But I totally hear you about technology, and the disconnect that occurs. I was babysitting five of my brother's seven kids for three days, and they were allowed to play with computer games, ipads, iphones, our Wii, xbox, any electronic device of ours they had access to, for four hours (a very rare occasion, like once every 6 months event or even less than that), and while there was complete peace and quiet in the house, there was very little interaction. Their norm is to play games with one another, to read, to tease each other, often excessively, to be loud, and to learn how to deal with conflict, because with seven kids, that's what happens. And while the electronic games brought a reprieve of all the noise and chaos, that quiet comes at too great a cost to be utilized in a daily routine. In my single, childless, humble opinion. :)