Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life is Good

I started attending some training workshops at the university. Since I started in the middle of the year, I never went through any training. It has been very useful, and I wish I had done this before I started my first semester here. 
I am changing a few things in my classes to hopefully improve them and engage the students more. I am more and more amazed every day at how this university has revolutionized and improved learning.  I have seen how effective those methods are in the learning process. I also found out that there is a free service on campus with a team that would come to your class and help you by doing surveys and taking notes to help you improve your teaching. I am certainly going to include that this semester.

The other day, I bought a really comfortable couch. It was real leather, and was on sale because it had a small scratch (hardly noticeable).  I had to pay the delivery guy $75 to bring it from Idaho Falls.  Well, the couch did not fit through my door! I never thought that they made couches bigger than doors (and this one did not seem big). But, I have come to realize that my front door is super small and finding a comfortable couch that fits is a challenge.

But, I sold my couch and the people that bought it were nice enough to let me keep it until I get a new one. If I don't have a couch, I won't have anywhere to sit.  The living room set I finally got may not be comfortable, but I figure I will have to take a chance.

I just hope that I will be able to get the stuff before classes start.
My sister-in-law Rida taught me how to make yogurt, and I just made some...umm it tastes so good and is not like the ones in the store. I will use this to make Labaneh today. Without an Arabic store nearby I have to be creative. Can't wait to have Labaneh and watermelon.

I also found cactus (I bought the green one last time which was supposed to be yellow inside, but it was not, it was green--not ripe). It still tasted good! Today I found ones that looked more ripe, but they were red inside! very strange. It still tasted good.

I went to take a walk yesterday, and was out 10 seconds long enough to take this picture before it started pouring. There was thunder all night and lightening. Today is a really pretty day though.

 Yesterday I went to an activity at Rigby lake. It was a bit cold to swim, but it would have been fun to swim in the lake. We took a canoe and went around the lake. It was a big more scary than I thought because it rocks quite a bit and you keep feeling that you may fall! Here are some pictures I took at the lake:

I was looking for quotes to share with my students when I ran across this quote by Elder Gene Cook:
   “At times it will not be easy to discover the Lord’s love for us in all that we experience, because He is a perfect, anonymous giver.

You will search all your life to uncover His hand and the gifts He has bestowed upon you because of His intimate, modest, humble way of granting such wonderful gifts.

  Ponder with me a moment the following majestic gifts: the glories of all creation, the earth, the heavens; your feelings of love and joy; His responses of mercy, forgiveness, and innumerable answers to prayer; the gift of loved ones; and finally the greatest gift of all—the Father’s gift of His atoning Son, the perfect one in charity, even the God of love.”
We are blessed beyond measure. I especially feel blessed to be here and work at his amazing university. Everyone has been so nice to me and was willing to help in any way. I applied for a long-term position and will apply for two other positions this fall. I really hope that one of them will work out.


  1. I would love to try your labaneh recipe!

  2. Tell us how to make yoghurt. AND has anyone learned how to make real middle east bread?

    1. Bobbie, you boil whole milk (stir it continuously so it does not stick). I did about half a gallon. Then let it sit to cool. Get two heaping big spoons of plain yogurt out of the fridge and set them aside (they should be room temperature).
      Wait till the milk is warm, but not hot (the temperature of the milk is the hardest part--it must not burn your finger if you keep it in, but be warm). Dissolve the yogurt you set aside into about a cup of the milk you boiled. Then add the mixture to the rest of the milk and stir it well.
      Cover that with a warm blanket and leave overnight. In the morning, you would have yogurt.
      If you keep two spoons of the yogurt, you can make more and more...
      My Aunt knows how to make middle eastern pita bread...I, however, have not acquired the skill.

  3. So great to hear you are finding some comforts of home there in Rexburg. :) Hope you have a wonderful semester! Love ya!