Sunday, September 20, 2015

The end of a crazy week

I'm glad this week is over. I didn't think I would survive. I was super busy with getting ready for my classes, students trying to get me to let them into classes, and translating for conference. 
I had about 10 people on the waiting list for many of my classes and there was simply no room for them in the classrooms. I had them bring benches and sit in the back the first few days hoping that somehow people will drop and they will be able to get in.

Those that kept coming and were really eager to get in mostly did make it. Which is good.

I love my students this semester. They are amazing! Their testimony and faith amaze me. I am trying hard this semester to do some activities in class to make my classes more interactive. The training we attended was very useful. We will see how successful I will be.

On Tuesday we had the Inauguration of President Clark Gilbert, who is the new president of BYU-I now. We had Pres. Uchtdorf, Elder Holland, and others come. It was an amazing experience. And we made it in one of the pictures posted on the university's facebook page:

 It is amazing that almost every seat was full.  So, about 15,000 people were there in one place! The number of students at BYU-I now exceeds BYU-Provo, at over 43,000 students.  Half of which are online students.

I had my students do an assignment about the devotionals this semester. As I looked through their comments I was amazed at how different they were. And that each of them was able to get something completely different from the meeting. Sometimes they would even find a sentence someone randomly said and say that it helped them and it was what they needed to hear. The spirit is amazing and it speaks to each of us individually even though we may be in the same meeting. I guess I should pay better attention.

I finally got my living room set, I'm not completely in love with it, but it is way better than my other couch. Glad to have sold that. And I had 4 people over for dinner and they were able to sit comfortably. With one couch it was a challenge to find room to have everyone sit. 

I started going swimming in the morning (in my efforts to do some sort of exercise). The pool we have on campus is great. It is hard for me to get myself there each morning, but once I am there I really enjoy it. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I can get out during the winter cold mornings. My friends were telling me how on many mornings my car may not start because of the frozen temperatures and how my face will freeze just because of walking from my car to my apartment. Ugh...not looking forward to that. Do I really want to live in Rexburg?

Yes I guess. They tell me I'll get used to the cold...
Still going to apply for another position that is opening up in the Math department. Hopefully this will be the last one I have to apply to. But we will see.

Translation for conference has been going well. I am not assigned to do many talks, maybe if things calm down at work I can do a few more talks. Some talks are just a challenge to do because of the metaphors they use which don't easily transfer to Arabic. I just translated an amazing talk...In English it is simply perfect and so inspirational, but I think I ruined it with Arabic because I simply could not say things as nicely as the speaker did.

This won't be long, I have to go work on translation and also work on a talk I am giving to the Young Women. I know I tried to not give firesides, but I will when asked ;-)

I feel really happy here...aside from the usual challenges, I do feel I am supposed to be here and feel I belong (at least at the university). I absolutely LOVE everyone I work with and feel honored to be part of the greatest department at BYU-I (the Math department). I'm grateful to everyone at BYU-I who has gone out of their way to help me...



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  1. The Spirit brings all that we cannot of ourselves alone. Thank you for doing that translating.