Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Second Coming

I drove down to Utah yesterday so I can translate for Women's conference. 

Before conference, I got to spend some time with my friend Emily in Salt Lake. I'm glad she happened to be there...We bought some stuff at Deseret Book and as we were walking out, we saw Sister Stephens (from the general RS presidency). She was happy that we approached her to talk to her. She said people normally are afraid to come up to her and talk to her. She was so sweet and gave us both hugs.

Women's Conference was amazing as you all saw. I translated some of the talks and so I got to hear them in advance and enjoy them. And general conference will be amazing next week as well (Trust me). In case you were wondering, no, we don't know who the new apostles are, but I am sure we translated their talks without even knowing.

Aside from Sister Oscarson speaking so fast and me not catching up, and not having the off camera paragraph, translation for the Women's Session went well.

However, I had to have a bad ending to a perfect day yesterday. I had a little car accident and broke the right mirror on my car. Normally, it would not be a big deal, but it being Saturday night, tomorrow being Sunday I would not be able to fix it until Monday. I would not want to drive back to Idaho without a mirror. So, I am stuck in Utah until Monday.

I guess you don't realize how important one little piece of your car is, until you have to stick your head out of the window every time you change lanes. I really felt unsafe driving even back to the hotel after conference. I am hoping to get to the repair shop first thing Monday morning and be able to fix it and head back to Idaho in the morning. My first class is not until 3:15, so hopefully I can make it! 
Tony (Emily's husband) was able to find me a place in SLC which has a cheap mirror (thank you Tony), I am hoping it is the same color as my car though (there are many versions of blue). But, at this point, as long as I have a mirror, I will worry about cosmetics later.

The hotel I am staying at is amazing, so the positive thing is that I get to stay here another day and relax. Well, I would relax if I didn't have my mirror to think about! It is all good...there must be a reason why I am staying in Utah another day!

This semester is finally starting to calm down. It has been a crazy start with translating for conference, dealing with students who wanted to add my classes, and getting my classes ready. I am hoping that things will go smoothly from now on. I will have tests to grade this week though (umm 100 students' tests--I am not sure how that will go). Put in a few movies, and grade all night...

It is so different to be in the Math department. When my office was down in the Rigby building I felt so isolated. Now I feel I am part of a team and I am so much closer to the other math teachers. I am grateful to our department head who felt that each person in the department should have the chance to be up in the Ricks building (we are rotating).

I got my new living room set (for free!)...well, somehow I can't get the store to take my money. I have invested some time and effort, but for some reason they can't seem to charge me. I bought so many things from the same store using the same credit card, so there is no logical reason as to why my card would not work for that particular order. I've done everything I can and hopefully they will figure out a way to have my pay for the living room set I have ;-) I am not too fond on the new set, but at least the material is nice and it looks great! It is somewhat not comfortable, but it is not bad. Hopefully it will get softer with time.

It was sad this week to hear that Elder Scott passed away. He has been missing his late wife so much and I am sure he is thrilled to be with her again.  A friend of mine from the seventy told me that every time Elder Scott bears his testimony he mentions Janine (his wife). He loved her so much...

I met Elder Scott a long time ago in Jerusalem. You may have heard him say that his wife told him to always look people in the eye when he meets them. And he does just that!! I will never forget meeting him. He called me a pioneer and said he was honored to meet me...
As he looked deep into my eyes, I knew that I was standing in front of an apostle of God. But, I also felt to some extent what it would be like to stand before the Savior and have Him look deep down into our eyes...and see all our sins and bad thoughts.
As I stood there, I understood why we are told that we would wish to hide from the Savior if we are not clean and worthy. 

I gave a talk to the young women in our ward the other day and told them about my dream about the second coming. I told them that standing before the Savior of the world clean and pure is the greatest feeling that anyone could ever is worth every sacrifice, every pain, every trial, every sadness, every loss. I would even give anything, even my life, to be able to stand before my Savior one day and have Him say: "Well done thou good and faithful servant..."

Some people say the Savior will come tomorrow...Well, no one knows when he's coming. However, looking at the world today and how wicked it has become, I won't be surprised if it is tomorrow.  I read in the book of Mormon about the wickedness of the Nephites and Lamanites when the Lord destroyed them (it honestly does not look that they were more wicked than us).

Aside from the fact that the picture below is a bit off (I think that is not quite East-or is it?), it is a great picture. It makes us realize that the second coming is so real...However, looking down, I realize that Jerusalem will not look like this when He comes. It will be completely destroyed. 

The good thing is that I am not worried...And none of us should be if we are prepared. Not only prepared temporally, but spiritually. If you feel you won't be able to stand before the Savior clean and pure, now is the time to fix your life. He made forgiveness possible, repent and change your life so that when He does appear, He will embrace you and say: "Well done thou good and faithful servant..."



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  1. Elder Scott and his wife had a daughter my oldest sister's age and they lived in our ward in Maryland. My mother tells me they lost several babies to a heart condition and then adopted two--whom I babysat a number of times when I was a teenager. By then we'd been divided off into a separate ward from their family, but he and Janine and my parents and my husband's parents previous to that were all newlyweds together in an area where Mormons were definitely a novelty.

    When my now-husband was called on a mission he went to Brother Scott to seek advice and assurance that he was up to that calling, and came away deeply comforted; it was an experience he has treasured all his life since.

    Elder Scott is deeply missed. I'm so glad you got to meet him, too. He was a deeply loving man.