Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lord, open the eyes of the world...

I am not sure how to verbalize my feelings. Hopefully this will make sense to someone...

William Tyndale was an amazing person who dedicated his life to translating the bible and making it available to people in English. He was executed for doing that, and right before he was strangled and burned at the stake he shouted the words: "Lord, open the king of England's eyes!"
His payer was answered as all of us now have the bible in our hands, and what an amazing blessing. You may now wonder why someone (the king of England) who is Christian could oppose having the bible translated into English! That seems stupid. Why would someone oppose something so good? The answer is simple, he could not see clearly, and he only thought of himself and not of others...

Why do I relate that story? Well, I feel the world around us is blind in many ways and I often find myself having to shout, "Lord, please open the eyes of the world!" 

We all let hate, misconception, lies and other things blind our view of reality. We all need to stand for truth and righteousness and teach others charity. Forgiveness and love is possible even in a world full of hate and anger. 

With tears I observe what is going on in the world. In Ankara, Turkey, terrorists took the lives of 86 people. I went to the same place often when I was a student in Turkey. I love the Turkish people and am sad at the lives that were lost.

I also observe with sorrow the events happening in my country.  Fear and anger is causing the Israeli soldiers and settlers to shoot Palestinians for no reason.  Anger is also causing some Palestinians to use armed resistance.  Much of the media is twisting stories. I would like to urge you all not to believe what you hear in the media. Everything is twisted...

Here is one example. A defenseless woman from Nazareth who was at a bus station was surrounded by Israeli soldiers and police, then she was shot! Why? Well, the Israeli side of the story says she was holding a knife. The video and surveillance cameras show otherwise. One video shows a close up of what the woman was holding...her sunglasses, which this guy kicked away for her after she was shot. What a deadly weapon to hold! 
I'm not sure if you are able to view this video that was on facebook, but I will post it:

Click to see what the woman was holding

I took those two pictures from the surveillance camera video. After the woman was shot, it looked like a knife was added next to her head to show that shooting her was justified. Below are the before and after pictures...

The woman is a mother of three and was studying genetic engineering. Over the past few days many have been shot and killed in similar ways.

In Syria and other places thousands are being killed. In Palestine, not so many. But, the other day as I watched closely the stories of those killed and their families, my heart ached. As I looked at those they left behind, and at the devastation and sadness, I could not help but weep with them.

Israeli soldiers just raided my town in the middle of the night. They searched homes and tore them apart. The methods the occupation continues to use against my people are getting more violent. Somehow after 50 years of doing the same thing, they still believe that they can kill resistance with violence. They still think that a Palestinian boy whose brother has been shot by Israeli soldiers in cold blood will grow up and simply accept the fact that his brother is gone, and will just accept that he and his family have to put up with all the injustices and lack of human rights that result from living under occupation. 
Do they really expect a father who just said goodbye to his dead 4 year-old daughter who was shot by the Israeli soldiers could go home and do nothing about it? (his wife was shot dead too)

Both of those mentioned above will be out on the street demonstrating of course...
Is it even possible that they will become suicide bombers? I would not be surprised if someone who saw their child or sibling shot in front of them will be so blinded with hate and revenge that they will resort to extreme measures...

The solution to this whole Palestinian Israeli conflict is pretty simple. Give the Palestinians their rights, don't take their land, give them a nationality, allow them to have clean running water every day, allow them to raise their flag high, allow them to travel within their own country and from city to city, don't shoot them, treat them with respect. Why is that hard for the occupation to do? Are they too afraid that doing good will be rewarded with evil? 

I have always been taught to stand up for my rights and to stand against injustices. The world is so blind these days that you can't do that without risking your life. Maybe all we can do is pray, "Lord, open the eyes of the world, open the eyes of the Israeli government and the Israeli soldiers that they may see..."

I know the Savior can teach us to love and forgive others. He is our example. He forgave his enemies, loved and forgave those that crucified and tortured Him. Yet, He did not stand and watch as people defiled His father's house (the temple). He tossed their tables and confronted them. He had no tolerance for sin and injustices. May we be more like Him. May we learn to forgive and love others, but at the same time may we have no tolerance for sin and injustice. May we stand for righteousness...



  1. sAHAR, I am sad that you too are incapable of opening your eyes.... The Jews do not look to kill people, unless they are guilty of trying to kill them. Making up stories about sunglasses instead of a knife as several Jews are being targeted, wounded and murdered everyday is just plain not honest. Your brother claims to be for peace as he spews his lies and hatred everywhere, I hope for your sake that you can open your eyes and see the truth. The only reason that you cannot live in peace with the Jews in the holy land is because you don't want to.

    1. I think you misunderstood me. I NEVER said the Jews look to kill people. I have no problem with Jews. One of my good friend is Israeli! I actually love the Jewish people. My problem is with Zionists who believe Palestinians have no right to live in Palestine and who want us gone.

      The whole purpose of my post is so people are not blinded by media and other sources. That we all show love and forgive others. I KNOW some Jews are targeted by Palestinians and I condemn any act of terrorism on both sides. I do not think anyone should be harmed. That is why I called for justice so that the killing would stop on both sides.

      We would really like to live in peace, but that does not mean doing nothing about our situation. Resisting occupation and oppression is only natural.

      I don't know where you live, but what would you do if:
      1. You had running water once every 2-3 weeks.
      2. Had to wait at checkpoints for hours every day.
      3. Could not fly out of any airport in your country.
      4. Your family home was simply taken away from you without any sort of compensation.
      5. Your relatives were arrested and tortured in jail.
      6. You saw your friends shot and killed (then prevented from being taken to a hospital).
      7. You were prevented from going to church to worship.
      8. Your nationality was taken from you and you were not allowed to raise your flag.
      9. You were not allowed to travel withing your own country or enter the city of your birth.
      Please just close your eyes and imagine that the above things happen to you. They happened to me, and they happen to my people every day. Now think if you throwing rocks at those who caused this to you would be justified.

      I want you to know that I love you and that God loves you too. He loves all people. We are all His children and are all brothers and sisters. He wishes we could act that way, but we often don't sadly.

  2. How strange is your Comment Anonymous ! Do you really believe what you are talking about ? You can easily find out that Sahar is telling the truth !! Your words are even the a great proof to me: The biggest obstacles to peace are the blind eyes.
    SUMUD Sahar ! SUMUD everybody who works for justice and peace for ALL !!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't live in Palestine, but I can see the truth in Sahar's loving commentary, and how "Anonymous" cannot open his eyes. It is hard to love the person who refuses to see the truth and treat others as human beings, but I will try to follow that ideal.

  4. Dear Sahar,
    I am pleasantly surprised bu your reply and indeed en-heartened by it. I want to correct a few misconceptions. Zionism is an integral part of Judaism. HOWEVER, we have nothing against other people living here, side by side in peace and harmony. Nowhere is it written or implied that we want you"gone" as you write. Jabotinsky, the Torah, the Israeli Declaration of independence, all speak about the full rights that other religions/nationalities etc. deserve. I don't know how old you are but the picture you paint in your 9 points is not the norm and was not so before the accursed Oslo sham. I remember when you could get into your car in Bethlehem and drive freely with no checkpoint to Jerusalem or the seashore and back without hassle. Unfortunately, the terror attacks by people your brother Mazin idolizes caused the ongoing reactions of checkpoints, perimeters, fences, walls etc. This begins with the denial of what is written in the Bible (and the Kuran) about the Land of Israel being the G-D granted homeland of the sons of Jacob (the Jewish people). This does not mean that other people who observe other religions cannot be here as well. The much aligned settler movement had no notion of replacing or pushing out its Arab neighbors but rather of living together peacefully side by side. This was actually the case in most of the regions other than those with extremists who were violently against Jews fulfilling their religious rites. And so the cycle of violence was started and perpetuated. Things are very complicated, but they are also very simple. We are here to stay. LIVE AND LET LIVE. or force us to fight. We prefer the former. Even after over a hundred years of Arab violent intransigence, we would rather live together in peace. Politics is so much less important than life. I heard a wise saying that seems true; "peace between Jews and Arabs will only be attained when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate the Jews". I'll go with love any day. I hope you will too! Eliezer

    1. Dear Eliezer,
      I think we could go on forever here. Maybe the Zionism I am thinking of is different than what you think. But, I have seen extremists among the Jews who do want non-Jews out of the Holy Land. This does not mean every Jew is like that. I don't want to imply that. This also applies to Palestinians, there are definitely extremists among Palestinians as well...I know the majority (from both sides) wants peace, so we just keep hoping that the goodness of the people wins over all the hate and anger and brutality.

      You are right, I lived in Palestine all my life, and I remember the good old days when we freely went in our car anywhere we wanted in the country. But that does not mean we had all the rights we wanted. We were strip searched on borders, humiliated, and arrests still did happen for no reason, and we had no nationality and were not allowed to raise our flag even then. So, it was not that things were perfect, they were better than what they are now. Now, I can't even go to the city of my birth (Jerusalem).
      But, if you look at the history, you will see that acts of violence started to increase after all the restrictions. There were no suicide bombings back in the 70's. So, whatever method Israel is using is having negative effects. I again say they need to eliminate the cause, not simply treat the symptoms.

      I'd have to disagree on the Holy Land being promised to the Jews. It was promised to the children of Israel in the bible and those were the covenant people of the Lord then. But, it was a covenant God made with them, if they were obedient to His commandments and laws they would be given the land (they were scattered when they didn't). As a Christian, I believe that since Jews have not accepted the Messiah (the Son of God) that has come then they have broken their part of the covenant. But, that is only a matter of religious conviction, and I don't expect you to agree with me. I am assuming you are Jewish...

      In any case, I just want you to know that I am totally Ok with Jews living in the Holy land...they have lived together with my people for years. I certainly don't expect them to leave. I just wish that some of those that are there don't force my people to leave or take their land (and I have seen that happen many times). My family has lost lands and homes to the Jews and were offered no compensation. I also hope that Israel would allow my people to return to their homeland. I have uncles and cousins that are not allowed to come back to live in Palestine even though they were born and raised there.

      Anyway, I wish you all the best. Let us join our prayers together for peace and for the safety of our people on both sides.
      Love, Sahar