Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and more...

I want to wish everyone in the US a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. But, even if we are not American, I hope all of us can take this time to be grateful for our many blessings. We have been blessed with much.

I especially feel grateful being here, living in a free country with no checkpoints, or conflict. Having a warm house with hot running water all day every day. I remember when I lived in Zababdeh near Jenin. I did not have a fridge, my apartment was so cold during the winter and I had no water heater. I had only one little pot that I used to heat water so I can bathe. It was an interesting process to shower.
I also had cockroaches all over the apartment and even a rat that would come into the place at night. After living there a few weeks, those things ceased to bother me and I was able to find little things to be grateful for. Sometimes our situation is so bad that we have to look hard to find out what our blessings are. But, if we look, we will find them.

When my cousin went to Gaza, she found the people to be happy and grateful for what little they have. Over 300,000 of them are homeless. They don't have clean water or electricity most of the time. They are poor and unable to leave Gaza or improve their situation.  Below is a picture of a mother bathing her girls outside the rebels of what used to be their home. Those girls are able to laugh and play in this destroyed neigborhood.

I hope we all can count our blessings and remember just how much we have compared to the many in the world who have very little.

My semester has been going well, just exceedingly busy. I have a group of amazing students this semester and I love them all. It makes a big difference to teach students who are eager to learn and who put in much effort in the learning process.

People told me that it always snows in October here, well not this year! It finally snowed a couple of days ago (if you can count this as snow). I think we had an inch if even. However, none of the roads were cleared that day and I was worried my car would not do well on the snow. It did Ok.
I went to Walmart yesterday and got snow tires (after a 4-hour wait because there were so many in line). The tires make a sound when I drive which is annoying, but I will get used to it.
Here is a picture on campus so you can see the snow.

It has not been cold at all. Well, everyone scared me about the harsh winters of Rexburg, and I still have not seen that. The lowest it got was -3 or so Celsius.
And I guess when there isn't enough snow to make a snowman, you are forced to make one out of socks. Which is what I did last week. Those turned out really cute considering the fact that it took me 5 minutes to make each one of them.

I have been eating out a lot just because I am too busy too cook. I was so happy to have some free time on the weekend and I made two meals. They lasted me a whole week.

We had an early thanksgiving dinner on Friday (with a group of friends) and it was So good.
Below is a picture of the food I was about to eat. With two types of desert and a cute hat made of chocolate and cookies.

I will have thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with a friend of mine here in Rexburg. I am looking forward to it. And looking forward to a break from classes so I can catch up and finish everything that I need to do.

Life is good, the weather is great...what more can I ask for?
"May we all not seek new landscape, but new eyes to see..."

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