Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday thoughts...

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving holiday. I spent most of the holiday working, writing exams and preparing some of my classes for next semester. I thought if I could get some stuff done I can have a 'less-crazy' semester end!
I woke up thanksgiving day to some snow...the first significant snow of the season:

I am glad I got new tires last Saturday.  But most roads were cleared except ours. I don't think our road will ever be clear until maybe May when the snow would melt.
The good thing about the wind in Rexburg is that it blows away all the snow from your car. I only had snow on one window in my car (don't ask me how that happened)! I spent the day with my friend Danae and her family. They were so nice to have me over. The food was great, I love thanksgiving food!
They also made 6 kinds of pie...mmmm.  I especially loved Danae's pie dish, you can see the 3.1459... on it

 And here are all the other pies...

I was listening to the news the other day...You may have heard about the incident in Chicago where a cop shot a 17-year old boy 16 times. The cop says it was in self defense because 'the boy had a knife'. Seriously? Does that justify shooting the boy 16 times? 

Well, apparently, if the boy is Palestinian it does. There were many Palestinians shot dead because they carried a knife and tried to stab an Israeli.  I think those Palestinians who carry knives and try to stab someone are insane and suicidal...but I still think killing them could be avoided. Shooting them in the legs or arm could stop any further injury, but shooting them multiple times killing them is barbaric. Shooting them for carrying a knife then watching them bleed in pain is not human!  I mean how can you justify shooting a woman for carrying scissors? Or justify running over a woman THEN getting out of the car and shooting her.

The cop who shot the boy in Chicago is facing first degree murder charges.  The soldiers and Israeli settlers who shot the Palestinians didn't even get questioned and were even praised for what they did sometimes. I hope we all can be is ok to defend yourself against danger, but human life is precious and we should not take the life of another if we can avoid doing that.

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  1. Fear does terrible things to people who want to be good people.

    On a different note: your snowmen are adorable and my thanks to your friends for sharing wonderful times and food with you this past week.