Sunday, November 8, 2015

There is a brighter day ahead...

We had a little bit of snow. Too little you could hardly see it! I guess the weather is being extra nice to me and letting me enjoy good weather as long as I can. 

I love the purity and whiteness of snow and the quietness and peace that comes with it. Our lives get hectic and we forget sometimes to enjoy the beauties all around us. I hope each of us can take this month of November to count our blessings and notice things around us.

I had the opportunity to teach Institute last week. I had a crazy week and I was so busy that I felt I could barely keep my head above water. I didn't have time to prepare for the lesson as much as I would have hoped.
I told my friend to pray for me and honestly felt that the minute she did, I was fine. I have had prayers answered instantaneously many times. I testify that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and is ready to answer and bless us if the time is right. I have met many people recently who seem to have trials that are too difficult for them to bear. Some of them are my students who are struggling with trials and depression. Sometimes we stand helpless and all we could do is pray and hope the Lord will uplift and strengthen them.

Many around the world have united and sang the Palestinian patriotic song موطني (My homeland). My friends gathered in the streets of SLC and sang together. 

Click to listen to the Song "My Homeland" موطني 

As I sang the words of that song over and over I got more and more homesick. The words brought back memories of injustices done to my people and their longing for freedom. It brings tears to my eyes because the situation in my country makes life there very challenging and difficult for many. It breaks my heart that I felt I had to leave...and to leave everything behind...
The song brought back images of the start of winter in Palestine when the ground is fully watered and grass starts to grow, bare areas literally blossoming. Those beautiful hills I grew to love become so beautiful and the renewal of life gives joy to my soul. 

Winter here is nothing like that, quite the opposite, everything dies. As the weather grows colder plants, grass and other bushes tend to die. But, spring will come. Spring always comes...There is always a sunrise after every dark night. There is one for each of the lives of the people that seem depressed and burdened with trials and there is one for my people and my country. May Heavenly Father give us each the patience to survive the dark night until the light appears.

I am sad because of the comments some of my friends are making about our church. I am grateful to belong to an amazing church led by men who hold the priesthood of God. Men who would do nothing contrary to the will of God. 
I never have to think about any decision the church leaders make, I already know that God directs this church and it's leaders. I don't need to stop and think each time something happens.  My faith is centered in Jesus Christ who leads and directs this church and who loves each and every one of us equally. I testify that He always does things that are for our eternal good.

May we always have faith in Jesus Christ, and may we have faith in a better and brighter tomorrow when the sun would shine and the flowers would bloom. I know it will come if we put our hand in the hand of the Master and walk with Him.



  1. Thank you for your inspiring testimony of the truth. I will always remember your service as the Relief Society President of our branch in Jerusalem. I learned some good and enduring lessons from you.

  2. I've not heard it more beautifully said...if we know God's directing this church we must follow his word, and his prophets. Light will follow the darkness. Thanks for inspiring us all.

  3. I always know when I come here to read that I will find faith and love and an example I could only hope to live up to. Thank you for who you are.

    And because of what I learned from you in your talk in Saratoga CA and here on your blog, I have spoken up quite a few times now for a people I had previously known nothing about. I have tried to do a little bit to help as best I can. We are all children of God.