Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy new year from Utah

I didn't want to have a week with no post. But I am using my I-pad so it is hard to type, and I can't post pictures.
On Tuesday, my friends heather and Joseph and their family came over for dinner. It was SO good to see them. I have not seen them in over 14 years. It was good to catch up and meet their wonderful kids.
I had a nice quiet Christmas. My cousin Rana is still here. We went to my friend Danae's house on Christmas Eve. We brought musakhan and gato with us and had a good meal with the Romrells. (the below picture is of Danae's nephews and nieces opening the Christmas gifts we got them.
Christmas Day we stayed home and watched Christmas movies. 

We had planned to head south to Utah on the 23rd, but it just snowed and snowed and snowed for two days straight.
We finally drove down to Utah today (Sunday). This morning was the coldest we have had in rexburg so far (-13 F or -25 Celsius). My car did not work well and then I found out that all the fluids are frozen and I just needed to let it heat up.

We got to Utah and Emily prepared an amazing meal for us, and even made mutabaq. It was so so good. I am so full.

We stayed at a nice hotel in Utah and it was so nice to swim and sit in the Jacuzzi...very relaxing.
 My brother and his family are home in Palestine visiting. I am so sad I am not there to spend Christmas with my family. Sadly my visa and the complicated situation at home make that impossible.

My cousin Peter and his new wife Amanda went from Ohio to Jordan and wanted to enter the Holy Land through the bridge. The Israelis would not let Amanda through. When she asked them why they are not allowing her, an American, into Israel, they said if she pays them $20,000 they would let her in. Then they made up a lie and told Amanda that it was the Palestinians that were not allowing her in. My nephew insisted on going back to Jordan with his wife and they would not let him. Peter finally told them that they would have to shoot him before he lets his wife, who does not speak Arabic, go back to Jordan on her own.

After one day of staying in Jordan Peter and Amanda were finally allowed to enter. But Amanda was forbidden from going to Israeli areas. She can only visit Bethlehem and other Palestinian cities. Here is an American who has paid so much money to visit the holy land and she won't be allowed to go to Jerusalem or Nazareth or Galilee. I am not sure who gives Israel the right to do this to people!

I will post a few pictures once I get my hands on a laptop. I'll add them to this post.
Happy new Year.

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