Sunday, December 13, 2015

Let Him in...

As Christmas draws nigh, I see many rushing to do their shopping and get everything set up and ready for Christmas. I feel that sometimes we make ourselves too busy buying gifts during the  Christmas season and that distracts us from focusing on the real gift that was given during Christmas, God's only begotten son. 

Elder Maxwell is right, I hope that this Christmas we can focus on the real gift, our Savior. My friend gave a lesson last week and mentioned how when Adam and Eve made the choice to partake of the fruit, with that choice came the following hardships: Death, sickness, pain, sadness, difficulty, depression, sin...etc. So, without Christ, Adam and Eve's choice would sound like a bad choice. But, with Christ we can overcome all those things. He carried our burdens and our sins and broke the bands of death.

I hope that we all can have time to be still and contemplate the birth, life and atonement of our Savior. And to ponder the blessings that we each have because of Him and what He has done. 
The creator of the world, who had His choice of where to be born, chose a small town called Bethlehem and chose a stable to be born in. He is the actual lamb of God, there is no better place for a lamb to be born than at a stable. I testify that He is the Messiah that many prophesied will come to the earth. He is the lamb of God who left His throne above to come to earth as a babe born in a manger to fulfill His mission and give His life for us. 

On a personal note, my cousin Rana came to visit me. We have been doing some fun things, but not enough. I am so busy this time of year with grading, writing final exams, and doing grades. We still have one week left before school is out...

We went to a hamburger place (supposed to be the best in Rexburg) which turned out to be in an isolated area away from town. It was good though...really big burgers and huge drinks!

Yesterday we attempted to make spinach stuffed rolls. It did not go well to say the least, but we enjoyed doing it and laughed so hard.

We also went to a Japanese restaurant and had fun at the hibachi grill with our cook doing a demonstration for us..

My friend told me about some hot springs close to Rexburg. So, we took a drive to go there. The roads were covered in snow and we were driving in the mountains hoping we don't slip and end up going down hill. Rana opened the window to take a picture only to have the window button stick and the window refusing to go up. She was freezing and we could not get the window to close. We finally got to the hot springs only to find them packed with people and children and decided it was too cold to get wet anyway. We turned around to go back. Luckily after turning the car off and on the window went up!

We made it back safely, thank heavens for snow tires ;-)
I am mostly done with my classes, just doing a review next week. My students did not do well in their last test, so I hope they do well on the final. I had good students this semester...One of them gave me a Santa hat and wanted me to wear it in class, but I didn't.