Sunday, December 6, 2015

Remember the good Shepherd

I had a good week, but it seemed too long. This semester has gone by so fast...however, the last two weeks are going by soooo slowly for some reason. 

I finished my 4th exam for one of my classes and still have two  exams for my other classes this coming week. I am trying to write my final exams and get them done, but I am having the hardest time making up test questions.

I love my students this semester, they are great! I am really going to miss them when the semester is over...
After thanksgiving I decided to put up the Christmas decorations. I bought a little tree and some decorations. It is not great, but it is better than the Christmas tree I had last year which was 5 inches long! Here is my new tree:

I have also been doing some Christmas shopping this past week. Here is a picture of me at the mall. I love the Christmas decorations.

We had our ward/church Christmas party on Friday and it was really fun. The food was amazing! And I took some left overs home because they had so much food left. The primary kids sang for us and we also sang some Christmas carols. 

Yesterday we had one of our Christmas concerts at the university. It was simply amazing. The Choir did such an amazing job and the setting and lights were perfect. 

I love Christmas time and all the decorations and lights. I love the spirit of Christmas and how many people focus on the Savior during this season. However, this is also a sad time for me as I would love to be home and in Bethlehem during this time of year. The celebrations in Bethlehem are unique and you won't find anything similar anywhere in the world. Christmas is also about family and it is very hard to be away from my family this time of year. I wish I could have gone home, but my current visa situation and also the short break between the semesters make that impossible at this time.

I am trying to post something about the Savior in each blog post this month.  I hope you all can know how grateful I am for the Savior and for what He has done for me. Sometimes I am not grateful enough and get too busy and forget to express my gratitude.

When I lived in northern Palestine, I had a neighbor who was a shepherd. He would take his sheep (about 40 sheep or so) to the fields every morning. On some mornings I would notice that the shepherd would forget something in his home and would need to go back to get it. He would leave his sheep in the street.  The sheep would line up on the side of the road (away from the cars) and they would stand there and wait for their shepherd to return. There was a field right next to the side of the road where they stood (only 3 feet away) that was full of tall green grass.  The hungry sheep would not go eat of that grass, but they would sit there and wait for their shepherd trusting that he would take them to a better place.

I hope we can also trust our good Shepherd, even Jesus Christ. We should trust in His love and know that if we follow Him, He will lead us to green pastures where we will find nourishment to our bodies and spirits. When you see a candy cane this Christmas, let this remind you of the Savior. Remember that He is willing to lead you to happiness, joy and peace if you only follow Him and be obedient to His commandments.


  1. Merry Christmas dear Sahar!

  2. Merry Christmas Sahar from Ted and Rae O. We enjoyed your post about the modern day Bethlehem shepherd. Teaching would be more fun without having to grade exams.

  3. Your tree looks great! I love that story about the sheep and might have to steal it to talk about in church one day. :)

  4. That was a beautiful story of the Shepherd. Truly Christ is the Good Shepherd and we must be patient in receiving all the blessings He has in store for us. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be away from your family and Bethlehem at this time. Bless you!!