Sunday, January 10, 2016

Choose to not be offended...

We started a new semester last week. It started on a Wednesday and so that messed up my schedule and my planning a lot. However, hopefully I can make it work.

I spent some time preparing for a class I was teaching for the first time this semester, but my schedule got changed and I ended up not teaching that class after all. Instead I am teaching calculus again, for which I am grateful. It stressed me out the first two days because I had to set up the whole calculus class in 2 days and freaked out worried I won't get it done in time. But, I believe it is all well now and there are no problems.

My students seem great...I have one Elder from my mission in one of my classes. And I have a student who was in my class last semester who is taking two of my classes this semester!! That seemed strange to me. I guess she will be bored of my spiritual thoughts because I normally share the same ones every semester.
The good news is, I know the names of 5 of my 160 students already. Let's see how many names I can remember this semester.

I was told that my interview for the full-time faculty position at BYU-I will be next week. I am a bit stressed out about it, especially since I have to miss a whole day of classes the day of the interview. I had to find people to teach my classes and have to figure out what I'll be teaching and how it will all work out.

I am giving a fireside on the 24th of January and I need to find time to prepare for that.  I planned to go to Utah so I can go to the Provo temple open house this weekend. It was hard to get tickets, so I don't want to waste those and not go.  I will see if I can fit that in.

So, life has been crazy to say the least. I just have to survive this month of January and then hopefully things will calm down. I don't mean to complain, actually I am happy and doing well, just slightly stressed. Ummm ok I take that back, I am REALLY stressed..

The weather has been nice here. It is not too cold. It even rained the other day, which is probably highly unusual for Rexburg. Here, anything coming down from the sky has to be frozen! I even almost took a picture of the water bottle in my car the other day because it was not even slightly frozen! Yay!
My nephew Peter and his new wife went back home to Palestine and had a big wedding party...I am sad I missed it. Looks like it was a blast. But, I got to go to the reception they had in Ohio and that was great. 

During the past few days and months I have seen many people in my life hurt and go through a hard time because of the actions of others. I, personally, have made a decision a long time ago to not be offended and let go of any anger I may feel towards another. In the past I used to allow anger and hate into my heart and it was not a pleasant feeling. As hard as it is to let go sometimes, I feel it is essential. I hope those I know can also learn to let go and move on. 

We are all children of God and nothing others say or do to us will change that fact. We are royalty, children of a king. That fact should be engraved in our heart so that when others say bad things to us they will have no power to destroy us and we will stand tall and strong.

Some people have no feeling it seems and they do things that seem heartless and mean. Here is a quote by Elder Bednar..."Being offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else."

I hope that each of us can be more forgiving and loving. We are all striving to become more like our Heavenly Father who is perfectly loving, forgiving, merciful, and kind...May we all learn from His example.

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