Sunday, January 24, 2016

Interview waiting...

I wanted to post some pictures from inside the beautiful Provo city center Temple. If there are some who have not gone by to see it, please go. Even if you don't have tickets you may be able to get in.

It was amazing to me the beauty of the inside of this temple. The wood and paintings. Just a short while ago this was a tabernacle that was black with burn marks...and only the outside of it (barely) survived the fire. I am grateful for a church who could restore this magnificent building into a beautiful house of God.  
I especially loved this stained glass image of the savior at the entrance of the temple. 


 It was good to be home even though being in Utah is fun. I had a busy week. 
I applied for a faculty fulltime position at the Math department. My interview was this past week.  I did my teaching demonstration on Tuesday (for my job interview).
I was not too nervous during my teaching demonstration even though I had almost everyone in the department on the back row watching and I had a camera filming me. I did not do as well as I had hoped though and felt I rushed through the lesson. 

My interviews were on Wednesday. The weather was windy and snowy and so it was not fun to walk all over campus.  I felt I had an interview with everyone in the university. I think it was 6 interviews all together. It was great though to get to know some of those people better. For the most part I felt we were chatting as I knew everyone and so they did not really ask serious questions for the most part. I had briefly met Pres. Gilbert and Pres. Eyring, but it was nice to spend some time visiting with them.  It was such a relief when that day was over though, it was long.  I even taught a class as I had a break between interviews and didn't want to make someone teach my class for me.

The math department met on Thursday to make a decision, but walked out of the meeting not choosing anyone and said it was hard to decide. That made me nervous because it seems like all the other candidates are great. In any case, I will know in the next week or two if my name was sent to the board and then won't know until March or April if I got the job. Long wait...

I have been thinking what I would do with my life if I didn't get to stay here permanently. I have come to enjoy Rexburg and I love the university and those I work with. I guess I will think about that when the time comes. Even the weather everyone freaked me about has not been bad at all. Maybe global warming is really happening after all. We have had some snow, but not as much as they had in the East. And aside from a few freezing days, it has been bearable.

Elder and Sister Bednar are coming to speak to us at the university this week. I am looking forward to their visit. I am spoiled for being here where I have the privilege of being taught live by apostles and prophets.

I took a picture of the icicles on our church building. They look so cool. This tells you that it does go above freezing sometimes so that the snow will melt.

Rana made Mansaf for us today (thanks Rana). We bought lamb meat for the first time and had no idea how different the meat here was. We cooked it for 2.5 hours and it was still not done. It was good though and after we ate a little bit we put the meat back and cooked it for another hour. It is finally done! Sheesh, the only way to enjoy food in the US is to live on a farm, where you grow your own fruit and vegetables and kill your own meat. Otherwise, you will have meat that is so hard and vegetables that don't taste good.

I am giving a fireside (talk) tonight...I did not prepare as much as I would like, so I better go work on that.



  1. We are praying for you Sahar and hope you get full time permanent status. Don and Pat

  2. We are praying for you Sahar and hope you get full time permanent status. Don and Pat

  3. Cool. I'm sure you did great. I remember when Pres Eyring was the President of BYU-I (or Ricks at that time)I know it's changed a lot but I love that campus.