Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Last week's blog was about my father, and this one is about my mother.You are all probably thinking now that my next blog post will be "my sister"...Probably not, but it just happened that last week was my Father's birthday and this week it is Mother's day.
Palestinians celebrate Mother's day on March 21st which is also the first day of spring. The reason they do that is because being a mother is about giving and nurturing others...It is about beauty and simplicity. and that is why Mother's day is in the Spring (no offense to those who celebrate it in May ;) May is still spring, right?)

I do want to pay tribute to my mother. This woman who raised me and taught me so much about service and love. I learned the importance of selfless service from her. I grew up seeing her give gifts and help those in need.  When I worked she would cook for me then set the table and then wait...she would often wait hours without eating so she can eat with me when I got home. 
When she was on a hospital bed about to die as she gave birth to me, her biggest concern was  "Who would raise Sahar?" I am glad her determination and faith helped her survive and raise me and bless my life.

Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you!

Distances separate us today. It is really hard to be so far away from my family. Especially during such occasions. 
My niece just had a baby boy on March 18th. They called him Kinan. Again, I wish I were there!

I do miss home, especially during the spring. Spring here does not come early, so it is still cold and dry and brown outside. I see pictures from home and see the wild flowers and grass and miss the nature and the beauty of the hills of Palestine during spring.
There is no place like home!

The semester is almost over, two more weeks and then finals. It has gone by so fast, well except the last few weeks don't want to pass!
I have been really busy and can't wait to take a break, even though the break is a week long only. 

I am busy translating for general conference. It has been a great experience and the talks have been amazing so far. Make sure you watch it.
I have a conference that I have been asked to participate in at BYU in Provo. Sadly, I will miss one day of classes, but I am looking forward to the conference because it is such an essential topic. It is about the refugees and I hope I can add to the topic.

I am also giving a youth fireside on the 10th. I am looking forward to that as well...I just hope that between finals, classes and translation I will be prepared to do that...

My friend and I went to a banquet the other day where they had dinner then a presentation/discussion between Muslims and Mormons. It was kind of interesting and I learned some things about Islam that I didn't know.  Two people sat at our table who were from Turkey, so I got to practice my Turkish a little bit. 

Two days ago I found a letter in my mailbox. It was from the Quorum of the twelve apostles!! My first thought was: "Oh no, what did I do now?" The letter was actually from Elder Oaks. He asked me to be on a committee that I would rather not mention the details of here. It was an honor and a privilege. 

I continue to be blessed being here. I will find out about the permanent BYU-I position next month. Sadly, the Board of Education did not make a decision in their March meeting and they will make a decision in April instead. So, by mid April or so, I should know. I'll keep you posted of course.

My friend Emily also just had a baby boy...
So, to all those who are mothers, I want you all to know how important what you are doing is. Being a mother is a holy calling from God.  He has trusted you with one of His spirit children, a helpless child who will rely on you to feed and nourish him/her spiritually and physically. The Lord will strengthen you and help you in your efforts.  

I hope that each of us can express gratitude and love to our earthly mothers and have patience with them when they get old and serve them with all our hearts, just as they have done for us during the many early years of our lives.
Happy Mother's Day! and Happy Spring! (I hope Spring will come to Idaho soon!!! can't wait!)


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