Sunday, March 27, 2016

We are all equal in God's eyes

It is late in the day and I have a lot of mixed emotions, so I am not sure what to focus on. 
Obviously it is Easter here in the US and so I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you all will remember the Savior and what He has done for you this Easter season. 

My heart is full of gratitude for the Savior and for His sacrifice..that He willingly gave His life for me. 
Someone in our sacrament meeting was speaking today and saying that she was a nurse and she said that, physically, a person can bleed from every pore. Christ had a physical body so He suffered all of this as a mortal would. What is truly amazing about this, is that while His body suffered, His divine nature could have stopped that suffering. What is amazing is that He could have said "I am done, I don't want to suffer any more and I want to make it all stop." And it would stop. Yet, He willingly gave His hands to the crucifies so they can put the nails in them and He willingly stayed on the cross until 'it was finished' and all has been fulfilled. It must have been so hard to go through all that pain and to not stop it. But, He did...for us.

I invite you to watch the below video from from Elder Holland.

Click to Watch: None were with Him 

I watched a different version of this video yesterday, but I was not able to put that one here.  I saw it many times before, but what touched me yesterday is the look on the Savior's face. As He was being beaten, He looked at the soldiers and I saw love on His face. He died for those soldiers as well. He loved even the person that mocked Him or beat Him or crucified Him...and He died for those people too. His atonement was not just for the faithful, it was for everyone. He gave His life for all, He carried the sins of all and He loved all people.

As I watched the Choir in the Women's session yesterday full of refugee sisters from all over the world gather together and sing "I am a child of God...and Love one another" I was touched. 
I don't know why we often label people and value lives differently. 

An explosion in Brussels killed many the other day...It is really sad that some people could just kill another soul without thinking twice about it.  Recently, there was a similar terrorist attack in Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey. Did you know that? Those people killed in Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey were Muslims...yes Muslims were targeted by these explosions. Here, Muslims were the victims...Muslims are not the terrorists...Terrorism has no religion.  

The great thing about Easter is that it will all be made better. All those who died during these attacks and similar ones will be made alive one day. Because the Savior walked out of that tomb on the third day, they will too.  Whether those killed were Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Atheists, they will rise again one day. That is the glory of the Atonement, that is the majesty of God's love. It is not dependent on religion or skin color or origin, it is unconditional! 
However, even though the resurrection is a free gift to all, in order to obtain the greatest gift, eternal life, we must have faith in His name. We must believe in the Son of God and in His power.

I hope we all can learn from the Savior...I hope we can learn to love as He loved and to be welcoming to all people. I heard in conference yesterday that there are 60 million refugees worldwide. That is a lot! Over 5 million of those are Palestinian, 5 million are Syrian, but there are many others...

May we all allow the Savior to teach us to love others and to see them through His eyes. May we all reach out to help those around us who may be refugees in status, or others who may simply need to feel our love the support. 

Happy Easter! He is risen...Indeed He has!