Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fun times and good news

I assume you all know by now that I was offered a full-time position at BYU-Idaho. I have been teaching there as a visiting faculty and I absolutely love my job. I am really happy about the opportunity of being here long-term. It was a long waiting process as I had my interview over 3 months ago, so I am glad the waiting game is over!
The short week break between Winter and Spring semester is over and we start a new semester tomorrow. However, as short as the break was, I felt I got the rest I so desperately needed. Winter has been a stressful semester and so I was glad when I finally submitted the grades.

The fireside I gave last week for the youth went well. I talked about conversion and related it to how olives are turned into oil. On Monday I had an interview at the Church History Library and so there is now information about me on record ;-) 
One of my stories about forgiveness will be published in my friend's book in August. My book that I am writing has also been going well and I am hoping to get a final draft this year to send to Deseret Book. I am still worried they may not want to publish it, but I can always look for another company. 

I had to replace the brakes on my car. The back brakes were pretty bad and I had to pay $500 to replace them. Car shops here are so expensive. 
I was blessed to have one of my students (who also served with me in England) offer to change my front brakes for me. It cost me less than half of what it would have costed at a repair shop. See, it pays to be a teacher! Thank you Jeremy, you are a lifesaver.
During the break two of my colleagues and I went on a trip to Twin Falls and visiting Craters of the moon and Shoshone Falls. We also visited the Twin Falls temple which looks exactly like the Rexburg temple (except smaller) on the outside. Thank you Susan and Danae for a fun trip. It is great to finally have good weather. Good enough to go on trips and see the beautiful areas all around us. 

I would say however that the weather here is the strangest I have ever seen. I left my home on Friday at around noon. It was sunny and warm that I felt I did not need a jacket. I went to lunch in Idaho falls, and as I was sitting in the restaurant, it started to snow and was windy.  I mean there was snow on my car when I got out of the restaurant.  After I left Walmart, 20 minutes later, it was sunny again. Then half an hour later as I pulled into the parking lot on campus hail started to fall!!! Totally confused on what season we are on!! It is spring Idaho...get that through your thick head. Sun and flowers would be nice.

Below are some pictures from our trip last week:
At the Twin Falls Temple:

View from a restaurant we ate at in Twin Falls:

Shoshone Falls:

Craters of the Moon national park:


  1. Congratulations Sahar! I am very happy for you. :)

  2. We are so happy you get to stay long term! They are lucky to have you. Sister Trija is our office secretary. She has a daughter who is attending BYUI all the way from India. I will tell her to take a class from you!