Sunday, April 10, 2016

The end

No, it is not the end of the world...Just the end of the semester. I am not sure if I should be happy about this because we will start again next week. I feel I am in desperate need of a break, but sadly I won't get one until this summer. 

I was in Utah last week translating for conference. On Monday I went to a conference organized by BYU about refugees. It was pretty amazing and the talks given were great. It made me sad to realize the magnitude of the refugee problem. However, I know that even if each of us do a little bit of effort we can make a difference.

Elder Carlson of the seventy was there and he spoke. I was not sure he would remember me as we met briefly only once. I went up to him and was amazed that he remembered me, and his wife said "you went on your mission to England"...I was impressed that they have such amazing memory considering how many people they meet.

 My talk for the conference went well. Speaking so late in the program whatever you have prepared has already been said...But, I did talk a little about Palestinian refugees.

I am in Utah today and tomorrow. I started getting some noise from my brakes and decided to go take my car in on Saturday to get it checked. It cost $500 to fix the back brakes and I had to wait for hours for it to be done. I have to get the front brakes done as well and that is another $200. I am thinking I really need a new car!

I should hear back from BYU-I about the position next week (at least I am hoping to)...then maybe I can look into buying a car. It would be nice to have a house too, but we will see.

I am giving a fireside today for the youth in Kaysville, Utah. I hope it will go well...
My friend Breanne happened to be kaysville yesterday so we got to spend some time together and talk about memories from Palestine and serving together in the Bethlehem Branch. 

I am loving the spring weather and flowers here in Utah. It is pretty cool...we should get some spring in Rexburg, oh in two months or so ;-)

Finals are over and I actually got done with grading before graduation this year. So, it was nice. Elder Rasband came and spoke at the graduation. It is always fun to attend graduation. It is the only time I feel I am actually at a university. I don't know why, but I feel I work at a church instead of a university a lot of times. Just because we pray a lot, talk about the gospel a lot, and seem to serve and help students all the time. There is education going on in the middle there, and I do spend a lot of time grading and preparing for class, but I often don't feel it is the most important thing I do at BYU-Idaho. And I love that!


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