Sunday, April 3, 2016

Utah and general conference

This will not be a long post...I just did not want to skip a week.

The fact that I survived last week is a pretty good thing. I finished all the material I had to teach and answered the students questions and tried to deal with many issues.  On Friday I had students in my office starting from 8 am until 4 pm when I left to drive down to Utah. I didn't have time to eat lunch or go to the bathroom all day. 

I was so exhausted when I got to the hotel but was so glad to finally be resting.

So, I discovered Utah is one season ahead of us. We still have Winter in Rexburg, and they have Spring here. flowers and blooming trees...and warmth and sunshine. I love Utah!

The last two days were busy with translation. I felt I didn't do that much this time to help with translation, which was good for me because I was barely breathing with everything I had to do. 
I was impressed at how the Arabic translation team always pulls things off during conference even when some talks have not been translated or when we don't have printouts. I jumped in to interpret for Elder Oaks and I messed up (I was the only one) because the pages were out of order so I got confused. Here is our dedicated translation team: 

There are 57 or so languages that are being translated into in those small booths in the conference center. The church translates conference into 94 different languages. The speaker today asked us to try and name 40 different languages and I thought that I could, but I had to stop since I ran out of languages that I know.  

I wanted so badly today to take a picture of all the interpreters during devotional. There were over 50 nationalities there, and as they sang the hymn there was even a group who sang in sign language. (the languages being done here are on the sign behind me)

We got to hear the 4 new temples that were announced before everyone else did...None of the new temples was in the US. This proves that this is an international church and the gospel is reaching people all over the world.

The talks were amazing! I loved especially Elder Kearon's talk about refugees. I am participating in the Refugee conference at BYU tomorrow, so I thought he gave me some ideas of things to mention in my presentation. Below is my little effort to serve the refugees. We made these little dolls out of socks as part of a service project at church. I made 6 dolls ;-)

 It was nice to visit my friend Emily while in Utah and see her new baby for the first time. Ameer is so cute! Thanks Emily and Tony for the nice dinner as well...The Thai food was amazing!

I will be giving a fireside for the youth in Farmington next week, so I will be back in Utah next week. This week we have our final exams and I will be even more busy. But, at least we get a few days off. Actually I will almost have no time at all to set up my classes and get everything ready in those few days. We only have one week break between semesters. I desperately need a break! Sadly, I won't get one...Until summer!

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  1. I just wonder.... is there Dutch (Flemish) translation? I hear complaints from my people that they get the translated version of conference more than a week after conference - and then - (as Belgians and Dutch are not the most obedient peoples) hardly anyone shows up. The excuse then is that they will get their Liahona soon. I remember fondly the days we gathered at the Stake building with our lunch and stayed all day and visited in between sessions. I had offered to be one of the translators, but never heard of anyone again. So, in fact in short : was there any Dutch translation? Daniella Pilgrim